Thursday, 22 March 2012

Family Photos

Alison had been encouraging me for a little while to get some family photos taken.  I love being behind the camera, but hate having my own photo taken, especially right now when I know I'm not looking my best because of everything that has happened.

After talking to some other friends about it, they agreed with Alison and suggested it may be a nice thing to do, because hopefully in the future we can look back on these photos and remember how we feel right at this moment, and see that things have changed (hopefully for the better).

We really wanted a part of Noah and Aaron to be with us in the photos somehow, so we used Aaron's t-shirt quilt that Toni had made us, and a beautiful monkey that our friends Heidi and Junior had sent us after Noah passed away. It's a 'tubie' monkey and we love it so much as it reminds us of Noah not only because it's a monkey, but because it has a feeding button on it's tummy and a neb mask and also a football attached to it. We knew straight away that it was what we needed to use in the photos to have a piece of Noah with us.

Here are just a couple of the photos that Alison took that day, but I will post some more later on. 

It was hard to get 'family' photos taken without Aaron and Noah .   The boys became very emotional (and cranky) as the shoot went on and Jay even commented that it was making him sad because there were only four of us.

We had the photos taken down at the lake where Jay took our anniversary photos the last two years, and he said it reminded him of those days and he became really sad.  Thanks Alison for taking them for us. I hope in time we can look back and see how far we've come together from where we are right now.


  1. Lovely photos ... the lake is so pretty.

  2. Beautiful, raw emotion.
    Sorry it was hard for you, I love how you are still capturing the memories though no matter how difficult.
    What a tribute to your life.

  3. Lisa , thank you for sharing such heartfelt pieces of your lives. Please know that you are still in our thoughts and prayers.
    hugs xxoo

  4. Beste Lisa en kinderen, Ik volg al een tijdje je website. Via een andere site ben ik er een keer gekomen. En nu wil ik toch even reageren. Ik heb zo veel respect en bewondering voor jou en jullie dat jullie na alles wat je in korte tijd hebt meegemaakt toch zo in het leven staan! Jou verhaal is eigenlijk niet te geloven. Eerst je lieve zoon en daarna je man, je steun en toeverlaat. Gelukkig mag je je omringt weten met de liefde van je God en Vader in de Hemel! Ik wil je laten weten dat ik met enige regelmaat voor jou en jullie bid.
    Sorry mijn reactie is in het Nederlands. Daar woon ik nl. Ik denk wel dat je het kan vertalen.

    Gods zegen toegebeden vanuit Nederland,
    Heleen de Wit

  5. Beautiful pictures! I love how you included Aaron and Noah.

  6. I do not think that it is ironic that you are a photographer and in everyday life you can see the beauty in things. You will get through this. You have so many memories to keep you going and such beautiful boys to make more memories with. Love from Cape Town.

  7. These pictures are wonderful, and so are you and your boys. I like the way you included your husband and son in the photo where you are all laying down with your heads together.

    I just know better days are ahead for all of you.


  8. I remember the first Christmas photo without my husband. Just me and my 3 kids. Do you know that song "Lullabye" that says, "even her smile looks like a frown..." I never thought that line made sense, until I saw myself in that Christmas photo. I was smiling, but I looked like I was sad. My smile did look like a frown (at least to me). It took me about 2 years before I felt that I "looked" like myself again. Needless to say, I really like that song now.

    I think it is good that you took some photos, as hard as it is. You will look back at them and you will feel so very strong for all the hard things you have worked through. Beautiful family and beautiful pictures.

    Better days will come.

  9. Alison did a beautiful job.

  10. beautiful photos and so full of emotion. Every time I see a monkey I think of your cheeky monkey in heaven. Hugs and love.

  11. You are right your family does need these photos, it documents this very significant part of your families story. You will appreciate them more as the years go by. Your boys are simply gorgeous, they are your best medicine I bet.

  12. These are just lovely photos of your family....I'm sure it was difficult to want to even have them done, but you will be so thankful to look back and see the closeness you have with your boys. You have such a beautiful family.

  13. I never would have thought of this, a new family picture during such a difficult, difficult time.

    But your friend was right, in time it will show you how far you have come. And you will.

    Your boys are just gorgeous. As are you. Hugs to you all from very far away.

  14. You and your boys are so brave. That must have been very hard. xx

  15. Lisa,

    You are such an inspiration to me. I find myself waking up anxious to read your posts. Please know that although we are are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Your sweet boys remind me so much of my 4 boys and I just can't begin to imagine the heartache you are feeling right now!

    I pray your and your boys hearts can begin to heal.

    All my best!

    Becky J

  16. I remember our first family photo shoot without Ben. So sad and hard. I can't even imagine having lost TWO. You are strong. And even though you can't see Aaron and Noah in the pictures....they were right there beside you guys. (making faces) :)


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