Saturday, 3 March 2012

King for a Day

During the week I heard that Kings Meadows High School was holding 'King for a Day'. 

I was so touched that they would want to do that for us, and loved that they called it 'King for a Day'.

Every day or two I check out Aaron's Facebook wall and love reading all the beautiful things that students have written to him.  The night before 'King for a Day' there were lots of messages from students. 

This was from one of the prefects:

"Tomorrow at kings meadows is king for a day.
The prefects decided we wanted to do something in honor of you and to help out your family.
We decided because of your love for sport to make it so people can wear any sports clothing and just donate a gold coin. All money raised is going towards your family.
The prefects used a whole bucked of the big chalk sticks today to write 'king for a day' all ar...ound the school everywhere. On walls, pavements even the road ! It's all for you and your family kingy.
We miss you soo much and hope you will be watching down on us tomorrow. Ive even heard that some past students will be wearing their sports colours! And some are coming to the school to donate!! You definantly had a great effect on us and we love you dearly.
I will be wearing my hawks gear as you would expect and I'm pretty sure a lot of others
will be too!
Missing you so much."

One of teachers who is one of Aaron's best friends at school, took photos for me.   It's so cool seeing the kids in their sports gear, and knowing that they did it all for Aaron.

These are more messages from students on Aaron's FB wall :
"kingy :( school isnt the same without you, i miss seeing your smile while walking around the school and having a joke about my brothers perfect hair or arguing about collingwood not being gay. :P
todays a day for you kingy. and i hope your looking down on all of us proud, but sorry i had to wear my collingwood colours. love you kingy, miss you ♥"

"Fair too say I miss you Kingy!

Still can't quite believe youu aren't gonnaa walk into my home room and tease me about Dannielle, or be there too encourage me at the athletics carnival. :(

Tomorrow, 'King for a day'.

I'm getting suited up, head to toe in race gear, I don't know if you're into racing, but it's happening for youu. ♥♥

I know you're sitting up there with Noah, watching Hawthorn win old premierships and playing around, and in a way, knowing you two are having fun together again makes it alright. :)

I love you Mr King. ♥♥♥"

"Considering 'being a king for the day' tomorrow at LC and wearing my hawks guernsey for Aaron King,  RIP mate."

"You truly inspired me Kingy, thanks to you I look at the positives in each day. For that I'm forever grateful."

"So the other day on the bus we drove past a street called hawthorn street and it instantly reminded me of you.
I never got a chance to say Goodbye on our last day last year..
I'm sorry.
I miss you heaps mr king :("

It's makes me so happy and sad at the same time to read all the beautiful things the students write to him. I'm so proud that he touched so many kids lives for the better, but so sad that he isn't still here to do it.

Thank you KMHS for supporting our family so much. I know that Aaron would be so happy and proud that he taught at such a fantastic school.


  1. I sure missed 'Kingy' at the football today watching the mighty Hawks.
    It's just not the same anymore.
    So great to see how much the kids loved him at his school.
    Love Mum.

  2. Fantastic work from the kids, its beautiful reading their messages xx

  3. So beautiful they did this but I'm not surprised at their outpouring of love.

  4. I enjoyed reading all the beautiful comments from the students. I think that it is so wonderful that they could express their feelings like that. What a wonderful influence for good Aaron was.

  5. How sweet is that? Those kids really do miss him, he must have been the best teacher ever - there were very few teachers that I had at school that I would have left messages like that to. What an awesome day xxx

  6. That a beautiful post Lisa. Every time I read your blog posts I feel inspired to be that little bit better because of the impact your family have had on so many people. Thank you for sharing always with such honesty and emotion.

  7. What an awesome thing for those kids to do! The cool thing is, that, hundreds (if not thousands) of good kids were touched by Aaron and will remember him & tell stories of him for the rest of their lives! Stay strong Kings!!

  8. Another sweet tribute to your husband.

    I put your name on the Prayer Roll last night at the Jordan River, UT temple. I hope you and your family can feel the effect of love and prayers for you from all over the world.

  9. How wonderful that he made a difference in so many lives while he was here on earth.

    The life he lived, while too short, was a blessing. And I have to believe he is blessing lives now as well, in a different place.


  10. Aaron embodied the saying love the life you live and live the life you love. So few of us ever reach that understanding, how blessed was he to have such an impact on our youth. He was made for the job, there wouldn't be the messages there are if he was anything other than extraordinary.

    It's bitter sweet but an incredible privilege to read their outpouring of grief. Perhaps Aaron's last unintentional lesson he has left on the youth is for them to fully understand "don't count the days, make the days count'

    Thinking of you all

  11. What a wonderful tribute to Aaron and to your entire family. He certainly did leave quite an imprint on his students lives as well as his friends. Just reading all of the comments on the blogs certainly shows how much he was loved by everyone.

  12. March 4th, my daughters birthday (35) the only day of the year that tells you to go forward. I am in awe of your strength as you have been doing just that! I am remembering you and your sweet boys in prayer.

  13. I am so touched! I keep reading and I'm just absolutely amazed at how much he has touched so many lives....what a beautiful gift he left behind. Teachers make SUCH an impact and how wonderful your Mr. King has affected so many-what a blessing and what a legacy! I went to the funeral of my second grade teacher (I'm 41 now) last fall and she instilled so many good qualities in me I've never forgotten her and visit her gravesite often. How wonderful that the school is making you feel so special....makes me so happy and that's why I keep reading! God bless you and your sweet and beautiful family!

  14. What great kids honouring a great man.

  15. So beautiful. He touched so many

  16. I hope your husband's tremendous legacy can help ease your heartache. Thank you for sharing all you do with everyone. His legacy continues, across the world now!


We are so grateful for everyone's love and support, and appreciate your comments xoxo

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