Thursday, 29 March 2012


There is so much on my mind at the moment - things I have to sort out like insurance, superannuation, bank stuff, getting the house finished off etc.  Lots of things I have no control over as I'm waiting on other people, but there are lots of things on my mind that I can do on my own.

Just we sorted out Noah's things quickly after he passed away, I have just felt like I've wanted to go through Aaron's things and get them sorted out.  It's not that I wanted to get rid of anything, but it's just hard to have things around the bedroom as 'normal' when things are anything but normal. I guess that I feel like I can't deal  in my mind with what's happened, until things are physically sorted out.

I have been sorting through his things slowly, and today I tackled his drawers which were next to his bed.  One of the drawers were stacked full of memorabilia that he had kept hold of - beautiful cards from students, photos that students had given him, newspaper clippings and letters from his school principal praising him for the great work he had been doing.

As I was pulling each thing out it would either make me smile, or cry as I read the beautiful things the students had written to him, or see a photo of him doing something crazy at school.  

At the end of last year he was asked to be the 'Communications Officer' for the Tassie Hawks Supporter Group, which he was really excited about.  He had gone to his first meeting and came home excited for the year and to help out in a more official role with working with Hawthorn. I found his diary in the drawer and it opened straight up to this page as he had his pen in it. 

Unfortunately he didn't make it to his second meeting :( 

I actually laughed out loud though when I pulled this out.  It was an 'award' that he got one year from the staff at school.  It was exactly what we were calling Aaron the day that he died.  He and Chrish were going on all day about being 'Un-Australian' especially on Australia Day.

It was nice to have a laugh in between a few tears, as I went through his things.  


  1. I would have been a sobbing mess, if I had to sort his things out.
    I miss him so much, and the school must miss him so much as well.
    I'm glad that you have a box for all those things he treasured.
    The boys will love going through it in the years to come, and talk about their Dad, and have a lot of laughs as well as the tears as they remember him.
    Love Mum.

  2. Looks like the school knew him pretty well then. I love how he is still making you smile they the tears. A beautiful gift. xx

  3. I know you don't know me and I'm forever away in Texas, USA, but I pray for you often. I appreciate so much how you are willing to share your story and your grieving and mourning. I just can't imagine it, but I try to sometimes. It has made me a kinder person, knowing that we just don't know the plan for our time on earth, especially for our loved ones. What a wonderful person Aaron was/is and I imagine he is so sad he had to leave you for now. Lots of prayers and affection for you, your friend from far away, Jessica

  4. It must both heal and hurt to remember how loved he has been by so many in this life.


  5. Just still doesn't seem real to me. I can't even imagine for you. xxx

  6. It's hard to go through your loved ones things. I know it was for me, but I did it through laughter and through tears. How about making a scrap book of all the wonderful cards and memorabilia and then you and the boys will have something to cherish always. The four of you can put this together and you can laugh and cry while you are doing it. I still have David's slippers on the floor in the small bedroom where he would leave them at night before he came to bed. His voice is still on the answering machine, too. I cherish both. I love the Dirty Harry Award. Aaron was certainly loved by everyone, I can tell. Love and peace to all of you. Hope you are doing o.k.


We are so grateful for everyone's love and support, and appreciate your comments xoxo

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