Saturday, 10 March 2012

Backyard Blitz - part 2

There isn't long until the landscaping on our yard is going to happen, so it's a bit of a rush to get things done that need to happen first, particularly the plumbing.  It's a pretty big job as trenches need to be dug before pipes can be laid, so Aaron's lovely cousins Tracey and Jessi-Rose put a call out for another plumber to help out, so it could get done.

A lovely young apprentice plumber Oliver offered to help out, but I don't think he knew what he was in for! The other plumber Grant who has been helping, let him know what needed to be done, and he came up to our house today with two of his mates - Josh and Brady, and they spent over five hours digging a trench down the side of the house.

I felt so sorry for them as I knew they all work all week and were giving up their Saturday, for someone they didn't even know, but was so grateful that they were able to come and do it, as it means that the landscaping can hopefully go ahead as planned.

They had a little tag along all day.  Kobe kept going out to visit them and asking if they wanted more food, and kept saying 'you guys want me to help!?'.  I asked him why he kept going out and getting in the way and he said 'cause they're cool!'.

He wasn't going to take no for an answer, and decided to just pick up the shovel and start helping. He wasn't very happy when I told him he had to come inside, and could watch them from his bedroom window instead.

It's such a relief to have the trenches ready to go, and hopefully the pipes will go down during the week.  I can't wait until it's all done. It makes me so happy to know that the house will finally be finished, but I just wish Aaron was here to be able to enjoy it with us.


  1. What awesome guys. I hope my sons grow up and do such beautiful things for people they don't know. What an example of big unselfish hearts.

  2. I bet they got more then they gave. Glad it is all coming together though I wish it wasn't you having to organize it xxx

  3. It is really coming together. I am so happy that they are blessing you in this way. You deserve it!

  4. That is so wonderful that they gave up their Saturday to help you. They will be blessed for giving of their time in service. There is an awesome feeling that comes from doing things for other people.

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  6. Am sure the presence of Kobe helped them along :) Along with the food he kept offering them.

    Pretty sure they went home feeling good they could help out a family such of yours. Doing good always feels so rewarding, at least for me.

    Am so relieved you have so many watching out for you and willing to help during this very difficult time.

    Hugs to you and the boys.. Amy

  7. That little guy of yours is something else! And so are these big guys who are showing their love and concern in such a meaningful way.



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