Monday, 12 March 2012

Different kinds of tears

Less than a couple of weeks before Aaron passed away we had the Woodwards up for tea.  It was hard having them gone when Noah passed away, so it was so nice to have them home again.  After tea we went for a walk at the cemetery to show them Noah's grave, as they hadn't been there before.

 It was actually a lovely night and it was nice to be able to be there with them.

It's still so hard to believe how much things have changed since that night.  The boys and I have gone up to their house a couple of times for tea since Aaron passed away, and we always leave after having a lot of laughs with them.

Tonight we went up there again, and Jalen was laughing so much he was crying! It's so nice to see tears streaming down his face for a different reason.

Thanks for the laughs Woodwards.  


  1. I LOVE this...laughter is the best medicine. :)

  2. a good laugh (one that makes you cry and hurts your tummy muscles) is such good medicine for the soul. I really like this post :)


  3. Nothing like a therapeutic belly aching good cry from laughing sooooo hard. Love it

  4. Good friends are such a blessing.


  5. I've followed your journey these last 6 weeks and I am always inspired by your quiet courage. I am so glad you are surrounded by such beautiful people but I think they are reflecting a lot of your beauty. Thank you for sharing such inspiring thoughts. Cath

  6. oh give thanks for good friends and laughter..if they are together then we are truly blessed....

  7. Holy Kamolly I look like I have a tyre stuck down my top. I think you need a new camera; it has put a good 50 kilos on me. If only it was as simple as a camera lense.


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