Wednesday, 11 January 2012

They say time flies...

when you are having fun, but it really flies when you aren't having so much fun either. It's hard to believe that it's been over a year already since the Woodwards went to the USA on their big adventure.   Today they came home and we were so excited to see them.   We got to the airport and realised that they were delayed by half an hour, so we had fun chatting to Jacquie and the boys while we were waiting.

They had a little group of family and friends waiting to welcome their home. Everyone was really looking foward to seeing them.

Finally their plane arrived.

It was so nice to see them come up the stairs.

We had told Kobe all week that Eden was coming home, and yesterday he said 'tomorrow me talk to Eden on the laptop!?' (via Skype which is what we had done all year).  I reminded him that we didn't have to talk to her on the laptop as she was going to be at the airport.  He was so excited to see her, and said he was going to give her a hug and say 'I missed you Eden' and 'Noah died', but when it came to it they were both SO shy! It was very cute.

The only thing that got Kobe close to talking to her was Eden showing him her Barbie bus!

It was so good to see Lisa. It was hard having them gone when Noah passed away and in the last few months, and I know they found it hard not being here too when every thing was going on. 

She always makes me laugh, and I'm looking forward to having her back at the gym with all of us making us laugh in the back corner!

They had a lot of bags, so we piled a few into our car to take them to the Horsman's house where they are staying until they move back into their house.

We loved stirring Lisa up all year with our visits to the Exeter Bakery as it's her favourite, so we brought along some things from the shop in town for them.

When we got in the car I asked Kobe why he didn't give Eden a big hug and he said 'cause me too shy!'.  I laughed and then he said 'why she don't wuv me anymore!?'.  It sounded so cute. I told him she does still love him and that they were both just too shy, but later at the Horsman's house they warmed up to each other and talked about playing Barbie's together and had a hug - so funny and cute!  Earlier in the day I had cut Kobe's hair and he said 'Eden will say whit whoo!' and I said she might say that, so tonight he was very disappointed and said 'Eden didn't say whit whoo!' :)

Lisa cracked us up as we were driving next to them, through town.  In typical Lisa style she was hanging out the window yahooing and carrying on :)

It's great to have you home Woodwards!


  1. How can Lisa look so fantastic after all that flying??? LOVE the photo of you both.

  2. ahhh thats so brilliant! What a wonderful welcome home x

  3. What a great homecoming. Bet it feels a bit more normal for you to have your mates back. By the way Lisa, that week in Bicheno has done you well! You are looking great! More energy/colour in your face...not that you looked bad when I saw you though :-) xx

  4. I love that the Woodwards are home too. I can't wait to see her. :)


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