Monday, 9 January 2012

Back to Reality

Tomorrow we head back to reality - at least for a week or so before having another break away.  We have had the best time at Bicheno and by the sounds of it, we have been so lucky with the weather as everyone is saying that it's not so nice at home.  Today we spent hours on the beach. It was just a little windy, but nothing to really worry about. I really think Noah was looking after us :)

We went for another walk to Diamond Island and Kobe kept saying 'no it's Treasure Island - see me have my pirate shirt on!'.

 I told the boys to stay where they were for this photo, so I could take a pic on my phone and Kobe said 'it's the whole family!'.  I reminded him that Noah wasn't there, and he then said 'he's with Heavenly Father, remember!!!!' (like I may have forgotten! :)

It was still really warm at tea time so we headed to the park for some fish and chips and a play. 

We then hung out at the blowhole yet again as it's just so much fun waiting for a big wave to come up, and the boys would hang out there all day if we let them.

We thought we'd head back later at dusk to see if we could spot some penguins coming in.  It was such a beautiful night.  It was still warm and there was a full moon which looked amazing on the water.

We were eaten by mozzies, but we got to see a penguin which was very cool.  We decided one was enough and we headed back home (I didn't want to use my flash on the poor penguin so no pics of it).

We've had the loveliest time away and it's been nice to just get away from everything just for a little while. Aaron said today he wasn't looking forward to going home.   I wish we could just be on holiday like this forever, but unfortunately life doesn't happen like that. 

We've had lots of fun, but in the back of our minds is always thoughts about Noah.  This morning I heard Kobe tell Jay 'Eden can't come home because Noah died' (Lisa and Gary get back this week from the USA and Kobe can't wait to see Eden). I think it was his way of saying that Eden was away when Noah passed away, and he is thinking she may not know about it.   We don't think that Kobe thinks about it very much, but he obviously does.  Tonight Harri said we should invite the Woodwards around for an 'early tea' so we can then take them to see Noah's grave afterwards because 'they haven't seen it yet'.  Harri has thought a lot about Noah down here, and for some reason he has been thinking about him even more tonight. 

Even though we have thought about him a lot while we have been here and missed him so much, it's also been nice to be able to have some fun days with the boys.  We are so grateful to our friends who let us use their shack.  We feel very blessed and know that Noah would be happy that although our hearts are sad, we are choosing to see the good in life and make the most of our holidays together.


  1. LOVE that (third to last) photo of Aaron and the boys standing on the rock. The light is beautiful and they all look handsome and so grown up. I think that burst of sunshine in the background has to be Noah :) xo

  2. You guys are so cute! Love all the pictures and I LOVE that you got to spend some quality time together. Next time you're at the beach, you need to find a long stick and write Noah's name...and take pictures. I love names written in the sand.

  3. Love the photo of the moon shining on the water. Sounds like you have had a truly wonderful time away .... and it's nice to know that you get to go away soon. I think you need it right now. BIG HUGS to your wonderful and inspirational family. xoxo

  4. A bit longer would have been nicer. Noah was definitely looking after u with the weather- I had my electric blanket on last night here. :) he made the sun shine just on little ole Bicheno. XX xxxx


We are so grateful for everyone's love and support, and appreciate your comments xoxo

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