Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Speaking of calendars a friend came up to me at church on Sunday and asked if it was me in this years 'Smile calendar'.  I asked if she meant one of my photos as I had entered a few photos in this years Smile competition again, but knew that none of them had been placed this year.

She told me she actually thought there was a photo of me in it and described what the photo looked like, and I realised straight away that it must've been one that Makayla had taken of Kobe and I in the leaves last year.  Yesterday we went to see if we could get a copy of the calendar. 

Yep! There we were - right on the best month of the year! (Kobe's, Noah's and my birthdays are in June).  I texted Makayla to tell her it was actually in there (as Centro doesn't even let you know that you even have a photo in there) and she was very excited.

I started to look through the calendar and was shocked to see that two of my photos that I had entered were also in there!!  It's very exciting seeing my photos being published. My photo of Maddi, Kels and Chloe at Easter time was featured in April.

And one of my favourite photos ever of Leanne getting dragged into Pop's river was featured in March.

I had to beg for them to give me calendars for Makayla and myself (you would think they would even just send us a couple since our photos are in there!?) so if anyone happens to come across any and you don't want them, I would love some extra copies so I could give one to Nicki, Steph and Becky and also Leanne.


  1. How exciting, wish my pictures had made the cut.

  2. great photos, very exciting.

  3. Exciting stuff, I hope that there are some extra calendars floating around.
    Love Mum.

  4. I'm not going to be content with my boring ole Chickenfeed calendar now. ;)

  5. That's pretty crap that they didn't even send you a copy!!! Great photos though - how exciting!! I wonder how many ppl will have you hanging on their walls in June!!!


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