Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Evening Swim

Tonight Aaron and I were considering going to the gym, but instead made the very sensible choice to take the boys to the Gorge for a swim instead. I'm not sure what the temperature got to today, but I know it was in the low 30s and it was so nice to get in the water tonight.

 It was great to run into Kellie and the kids there (Harri looks super excited about it hey!?;)

Kobe was so excited to be able to play with 'Harlot' (Charlotte).

Kell and I can't believe our two 'babies' are in grade 7 this year! I wish they were going to the same school as they get along great.

I'm starting to seeing the 'old' Harri back a lot more and it's making me smile. What a cheeky face.

I don't ever want this summer to end!


  1. Swimming is such a great summer activity and especially in the cool of the evening .... Harri is certainly looking very happy .....

  2. That's how I feel too. Jealous of that clear water...how fun! :)

  3. I loved seeing that one of Hazza. Maybe if we get him swimming or on a motorbike everyday, we'll be right!! ;)


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