Sunday, 8 January 2012

Lazy Sunday

This morning we woke up to overcast skies, which quickly turned into rain. We enjoyed a very lazy morning reading in bed till midday, while the boys watched movies on the laptop together.

By lunchtime the skies started to clear, so we headed out to the Blowhole as we knew it would be going off with the rough seas.

We sat and watched it for a while and someone got a little bit wet!

We then headed up to Whalers Lookout for a quick walk and to check out the town from a different angle.On the way up Kobe kept saying 'this is like yesterday!'.

The view from the top was beautiful.

We went back to the shack for a couple of hours and by 5 pm the weather had really turned out for the beautiful and it was 24 degrees. We thought we'd head down for a walk at the beach and the boys had fun throwing a ball around, while we watched all the surfers who were out making most of the big swells.

At 6.30 pm we were still sitting on the beach as it was so warm and I wasn't even caring that we hadn't had tea yet, or that Kobe was going to be getting to bed late.  I wish our whole summer could be like this, but it's almost time to get back to reality unfortunately.


  1. that is my favorite beach...i love Redbill Beach.... i was down there last week for the day and it was as wild as is magnificent any weather condition... my aunt lives just up the road from there...i am so jealous..but then you guys deserve the best ever holiday and that is the best!!!!!(tell Kobe i missed him today)

  2. I love that you had a lazy day. Would you even know what a lazy day was?? :) I wish you could stay longer but then we would all miss you back here. :)

  3. what a FUN place! I love the 'blowhole''s a vacation your kids will always remember.


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