Saturday, 7 January 2012

We need a holiday!

Today the weather wasn't really beach weather, so we decided to drive to Freycinet National Park.  Aaron had never been there before or Harri and Kobe, but Jay went there last year on a school excursion. As a family we used to have holidays at Coles Bay all the time, so I had lots of good memories of staying there, and fishing in the bay. I was telling the boys all the stories about how we would go out for an hour fishing on Uncle Tom's boat and would reel one flathead in after the other and come back with literally hundreds of them (or so it seemed at the time!). 

For a few years I had been looking at brochures about the Cape Tourville Lookout - for two reasons.  The main one was that it looked like it had a boardwalk where Noah's wheelchair could've gone and the other reason was of course the beautiful scenery.  We were always on the look out for places we could go as a whole family, as it was always hard to go and do things together, especially outdoors.  We never made it there with Noah (mainly because I wasn't really sure if would be suitable for his wheelchair and driving two and a half hours and finding out it wasn't suitable, wasn't going to be worth it) so today we headed there first.  

On the way there Harri said to me 'it seems like we are forgetting that Noah is a part of our family, but he will always be a part of our family, won't he Mum!?'. I told him that he was right and he will always be a part of our family even though he isn't with us, and then looked in the rear vision mirror to see Harri crying.  It breaks my heart to know how much he is missing him.  

By the time we got to the car park at the lookout he had cheered up and was excited to go and have some fun.  It was a very short walk and the scenery was absolutely breath taking. It would've been great for Noah's wheelchair.

We had talked about doing the 'walk' to Wineglass Bay for a few years as I always remembered how beautiful it was when we went there as kids.  We couldn't work out how we could do it unless we left Noah and Kobe at home, but decided today to just attempt going as far as the lookout with Kobe.  He was so excited to 'walk up the mountain' and after a lot of dawdling and chatting, we decided to just take turns giving him a piggy back, and letting him walk for a bit when he wanted to (if we let him walk at his pace the whole time we would still be on the way there!).

We finally made it to the lookout and were so glad we went. I would've loved to have gone down the other side to the bay, but maye we'll do that another time without Kobe.

 The way back to the carpark was a lot faster and easier than the way up!

On the way back to Bicheno we had a very short stop at Friendly Beaches to check out the beautiful beach.  Every time we go away we always say how lucky we are to live in Tassie. We forget what a beautiful place it is until we go away, and visit places we don't get to often.  We definitely take it for granted.

We had a really fun day and are exhausted now. We really need a holiday! ;)


  1. Reading your blog of your time away has made me realise how little I have actually seen of Tassie. My twin sister lives in East Devonport and that's about all I've seen when I go there. I need to go and visit some more places when I am there next time. However, it's a good thing I plan to move there and when I do I'm going to see lots of Tassie. Those beaches are just so beautiful.

  2. Harri has such a beautiful soul. I can only imagine how hard it is for you but he right Noah will always be a part of your family.

    We are heading to Freycinet in a couple of days and your photos have made me even more excited! Do you know if you had mobile reception there?

  3. Hi 'T', yes there was mobile reception there in most spots but sometimes not. You should be right- we are with Telstra. May be different if you are with another carrier.

  4. Beautiful scenery. Bet you got a workout carrying Kobe. You should of let us know you were planning to walk, so you could of borrowed our child carrier.

  5. You are FUNNY! ('we need a holiday') You live in such a beautiful part of the world. I can't wait to see it someday. (soon)


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