Friday, 6 January 2012

Perfect weather, almost perfect day

Well Noah really listened to us, as today we had perfect weather.  We woke up to blue skies and it stayed that way all day.  We spent over four hours at Dennison Beach which is just a 5 minute drive north of Bicheno.  There is just a little bush track from a car park to get to it.

It's a beautiful long white sandy beach and because it is is so big we pretty much had the beach to ourselves a lot of the time. 

The boys (big and little :) had fun just digging, playing, jumping, jumping waves, swimming and walking.

I just enjoyed soaking up the sun all day. 

Two women came along riding their bikes and taking their beautiful dogs for a run. They were huge and obviously loved the beach. They pretty much bowled me over as they ran past!

On the way back to the shack we noticed that the tide was out enough to be able to walk over to Diamond Island, so we decided to do it.

Once we were there we went exploring over the rocks, and even spotted some penguins!

It was such a perfect day and we loved being able to just be spontaneous and do whatever we wanted to do.  We have never been able to just say 'let's walk to the island' etc before and just be able to all do it together, because we would have Noah with us and wheelchairs and beaches, water, and islands don't mix. It's strange and fun to be able to just do whatever we want now, but it's very bitter sweet as we would of course choose to have Noah with us over being spontaneous any day. 

To make it the perfect day we would've loved to have Noah with us, but then we know we couldn't have done all the things we did today.  It's hard to get your head around are glad you can do things, sad that you can, wishing you couldn't, but grateful that you can at the same time.   I just keep reminding myself that Noah would be glad we can do it, and happy that we are choosing to.  


  1. What a gorgeous beach! Looks like you're all having a great time! :)

  2. That beach is truly beautiful .... the sand is so white and the water such a gorgeous color. No doubt your son is watching from above and knows the fun your are having and is enjoying it with you.

  3. Um...okay. I'm really digging myself a hole here. :) I keep telling you I'm slow. I just proved it again. You DID write Noah's name in the sand. I just saw it. Uh, scratch that last comment above. :) I'm laughing! (good grief)


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