Friday, 13 January 2012

Peace and Quiet

Aaron and I have been loving having two nights and a day without the boys.  Poor Mum on the otherhand sounds exhausted! I spoke to her today and she said 'they're full on!!'  Yep! That's why we need a break! :)   The boys have been having a lovely time which is nice to hear.

Aaron and I feel like it's gone way too fast and haven't really had much of a break, especially as I had to work this afternoon, but we have enjoyed the peace and quiet.   Last night we went to visit Noah's grave alone just before the sun went down.  It's always really nice to go up there without the boys.

This morning we went to the gym together and we have enjoyed eating more calories than we have burnt off by watching DVDs both nights with lots of treats and no boys to share them with (they are going to hate it when they see this!).

It's been nice to have the house quiet as we can just collapse on the bed for a little nap we feel like it.  This is how I found Aaron this afternoon.

Tonight we went out for tea together to the Jailhouse Grill.

We had a big laugh when we got a text message from Jay.  He told us he was about to watch Star Wars and then this was the result (don't mind the typos and spelling errors). I always know how to scare him away! :)

We had a lovely meal and have to say that although we love our boys, we are not really looking forward to having a noisy house again tomorrow.  I'm sure Grandma and Grandpa are looking forward to a break though. Hopefully they won't be too scared to have them stay again as we are already looking forward to another boy free time.


  1. What a lovely post. So nice to know that you had some time to yourselves and it sounds like the relaxation was worth it ... love the text messaging ... kids are so funny. You look so relaxed in that photo. Love the photo of the sun shining over Noah's grave ... it's quite beautiful.

  2. ha ha ha, 12 yr olds are all the same!!! Love it!

  3. The text message? Awesome! That sounds like the conversation in OUR house. :) Glad you had some alone time.

  4. Well, I am not too scarred to have them all back. No it was fun!!!
    Anyway, we have our Star Wars marathon to finish, with running comments from Harri all through the movie.
    I must say you both look very relaxed.
    Love Mum.


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