Tuesday, 29 November 2011

My Landscaper

Back in the September school holidays Aaron got busy building some raised garden beds, so we could plant some vegies. I'm so sick of the outside of our house not being finished (STILL waiting on the builder - a whole other story) and it's frustrating not being able to do much in the garden when we are waiting on footpaths, retaining walls and plumbing to be sorted out, but we decided that we could just build up some garden beds and get started on the vegies anyway.

Aaron and I are definitely not gardeners and Aaron is no builder, but he did an awesome job of knocking up three raised garden beds for me.  It was great timing as Chrish came down for Jay's 12th birthday and was around to help out with the painful task of transferring all the new top soil into the beds, while he was staying with us. 

It kept them busy for a couple of hours and in the end I was so excited to have three raised garden beds!

 We planted out our favourite herbs and vegies.

We also got some herbs from Mum and Dad's and Aaron's parent's gardens.

The miracle is that they have all actually been growing very well! We now have heaps of herbs and vegies.

Time to come back Chrish so you can try some of them!

After Aaron's efforts in building the flower garden and also the vegie garden, I'm not allowed to call him a 'gardener' but he says I have to call him a landscaper. Very proud of my landscaper and loving my garden.


  1. haha, great minds!! You know I was very close to texting Aaron earlier on to see how the plants have survived!! Looking like a jungle of herbs.

  2. WOW Lisa!!!!
    Your garden has grown so much, it is unbelievable.
    You have more parsley than me, because the rabbits keep eating ours, and I haven't had a strawberry yet.
    Aaron is a man with hidden talents.
    It looks so great.
    Love Mum.

  3. Oh my gosh ... your garden beds are awesome .... I so want raised garden beds, but probably can't have them where I'm living now ..... sad to say. Your veges are growing so well. That strawberry is gorgeous.

  4. Wow the 'after' pics are amazing! My raised beds are going pretty well but I'm having trouble keeping slugs and snails away while trying to keep the vegies organic. Still enjoying it though, and loving having fresh herbs and vegies. It's so satisfying growing your own.

  5. You do realise Aaron that now you have shown your landscaping prowess, Lisa will be nagging you all the time to get out in the garden, especially while the summer cricket is on. LOL.


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