Monday, 14 November 2011

The Show Must Go On

Before Noah passed away Jalen found out that he got the lead role in his drama school's production of 'James and the Giant Peach'.   When I had a feeling that Noah wasn't very well (even before he got sick and was taken to ICU) I actually talked to Jay about what would happen if Noah got sick or passed away before the show was on, just in case.  Jay told me even before he passed away that he would still want to do the show. 

When Noah passed away I wondered if he would still feel the same way and we talked about it the next day.  I said he probably needed to make a decision pretty soon about whether he wanted to still play the role of 'James', as he had a lot of lines to learn.  He said straight away that he still wanted to do it and thought that Noah would want him to do it, and it would give him something to look forward to.

He's done an amazing job of learning all of his lines with lots of help from Alison, who has taken him for after school sessions (and a McFlurry at Maccas sure makes it more fun!:) .

This week he is performing in four shows over two days - two matinees to school groups and two night time performances for family, friends and the public.  Tonight was their first dress rehearsal at the theatre they will be doing it at.  They spent four hours practising tonight, and will do another four hours tomorrow, before performing on Wednesday and Thursday.

It was fun watching all the kids in the dressing rooms, getting ready and being excited to perform.  His teacher and drama school owner have been so supportive since Noah passed away and sorted out all of his costume for me, so I didn't have to worry about anything.  Jay is not impressed with the super small tshirt that he has to wear.  It's supposed to make him look super skinny (not that it is hard!) because in the show his Aunts haven't been feeding him very well. 

Jay is sooooo excited about it and it's been nice that he's had something to look forward to.  I on the otherhand are already nervous and have no idea what to expect! I know Jay loves drama and performing and have seen him in action a couple of times, but have no idea what he is going to be like in a big production.  He told me he will mention me when he gets his oscar...if I'm lucky!


  1. I hope it all goes well Jaylen. I'm sure you will be great!

  2. Im glad you put a pic of the Annexe Theatre because on SUnday, Makayla, Louise and I were discussing where we thought it might be. He is going to be just fine. Easy to say I know from the non-Mum!!! :)

  3. The t-shirt does wonders for Jae's manly body.
    I am really looking foward to it.
    Love Mum.
    Tell him Grandma told him to break a leg.

  4. "Break a leg Jay" that is an good luck phrase for true will be awesome...

  5. That is great! Break a leg Jay and enjoy the show Lisa

  6. What a trouper .... I'm sure Noah will be watching .... hope the show is lots of fun.

  7. This play has been such a blessing!

    I've SO enjoyed taking Jay out (yes, to Maccas, but to more civilised actor places like THE SEAPORT too). We have laughed so much, cried every now and then, talked about all sorts of things, cracked up over silly youtube videos, talked about Noah, eaten too much icecream (is there such thing?), and some how, learned ALL of his lines. I will be his understudy if he forgets them, however I'm pretty sure that tshirt would make me look very fat instead of skinny! ;)

    It's been so nice to spend time with Jay when I've been feeling sad about Noah. :)

  8. AND, I know Noah is so proud of him for working so hard to learn all his lines and practice so hard. And Noah must be proud of me too for humbling myself so much to choose a new favourite King brother to spend my afternoons with ;)

  9. haha, he's so funny. I'm sure he wont forget you when he's famous ;)


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