Wednesday, 2 November 2011

'I'm Santa Claus"

We were so overwhelmed with the love and support shown to us at Noah's funeral with so many people coming.   It was so nice to have so many family and friends there with us, on such a hard day.  Aaron and I were just talking about it last night saying that there were so many people there, that we didn't even consider would come.  It meant so much to us that people who had a lot or even a little to do with Noah, took time off work and school to be there.

After the service was over, and we were outside talking to everyone an older man came up to me who I didn't recognise.  There were a lot of people there that I didn't know as they knew Aaron, so I was assuming it was someone who knew him.  He came straight up to me and said 'Hi Lisa - I'm Santa Claus'. I looked at him like he was a crazy man as I couldn't work out why he would be saying something like that to me, and then he said again 'I'm Santa Claus'.  

I looked at him again and it hit me - he WAS Santa Claus!! 

Every year we take the boys to the same Santa Claus to get their Christmas photo taken. The first time that we went to him he was so lovely, and especially to Noah. He asked his name and took a lot of extra time with him, so we knew that we wanted to go back again the next year.  When we did he straight away asked 'how are you Noah?' and we couldn't believe that he could remember his name! We both said it was like he was the real Santa! 

Every time we went to him he would ask Noah how he was and ask us what kind of year he had.  When he came up to me at the funeral and told me he was Santa Claus, I just couldn't believe that he would be so lovely to take the time to come to the funeral. It touched us so much.  He signed Noah's memorial book as in brackets he put (S.C) which made us smile.

I'm already sad thinking that this year's Santa photo isn't going to be the same, but we look forward to seeing him again.


  1. Wow! That is so beautiful. What a lovely man :) xxxx

  2. What a great guy! Your family have touched many even Santa.

  3. Oh my, you are breaking my heart. It is so beautiful to see how many Noah has touched. Thanks for letting us watch the funeral and feel of his spirit. x

  4. I am so sorry to hear about Noah's passing. Families are Forever. I am touched by so many things in your blog. Thank you for being there.
    Aileen- Melbourne

  5. I'm thinking we all should go to Noah's Santa from now on. That kind of beautiful kindness is so touching. He might freak out though if a whole bunch of us throw our arms around him this year. :)


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