Friday, 11 November 2011


There's nothing like a late afternoon nanna nap in the sun after a long week.  After school tonight I decided to lay down on Noah's mattress that he laid on all the time in the living room.  Aaron decided to join me, and we both woke up half an hour later, when Kobe came and asked us if he could watch a DVD.  Jay snapped some photos of us while we were sleeping.

 Luckily our boys are so good and kept themselves occupied while we caught up on some rest. 
Oh how I wish Noah was laying on his matress and was under his blanket with us, instead of where he is right now.


  1. thinking of you x

  2. Looks like you must have needed the rest.

  3. I guess there will continue to be little things you do to feel closer to Noah.

    I can come round and help you with your bladder while you're on the mattress, if you want. I've had some practice ;)

    Love you heaps. xo

  4. I bet Noah was smiling at you two being 'lazy bums' on his mattress. Definitely good to get some rest. xx

  5. ha ha... i love the fact you guys are so young and having Nanna Naps...Himself and Me don't feel quite so bad now..well Himself more than sometime never!!!!

  6. I read your blog and sighed..then I read Alisons comment, and giggled, then I looked at the pictures again and saw Aarons bum hanging off the edge of the Matress! Guess we know who hogs the bed huh??! ;)


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