Monday, 19 September 2011

A Deacon

Yesterday Jay was ordained a Deacon at church. It was a very special day and he was really excited about it. It was so nice to have all the family come for it, including Chrish who came down from Sydney to be there too.

It's so strange to think that Jay is actually now in Young Mens and gets to hang with these guys every week.  He was very nervous about going to mutual for the first time last week, but had a great time and was it was nice to hear that Jake had taken him under his wing.

After church we took a few photos before coming home to our place for lunch.  It's amazing how many of us there are now!

Aaron was on BBQ duty :)

Chloe was loving hanging out with Harri all afternoon.  The kids had a great time playing together and we heard Chloe say 'this is the best day ever!'.   It made us laugh as Jay used to say it all the time too.

Kobe loves having his cousins come and play so much.  For days he kept going through the list of who was coming.  He kept saying 'Maddie' and then I would say 'and...' and he would go 'Lachie, and Maddie and Eamon and Maddie!'

It was a really lovely day.  We are so proud of Jalen and all the choices he has made so far in his life.   We love you Jay!


  1. Welcome aboard Jaylen. Great to have you along. Can't wait to watch you to that tie!!

  2. That's an awesome tie! Congrats Jay! Wow that's amazing yms!! eek!

  3. soo cool!! he must be very excited for youth

  4. How nice to have the family all there. Its moments like these that make you greatful to have family...Jay is very photogenic :)
    *Congratulations Jaylen, JJ and Benny were very excited for you!*

  5. can i just say...

    YOU ARE OLD!!!!

    can't believe jalen will be going to ym's now - that is crazy!


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