Thursday, 10 November 2011

Our 'new' bedroom

For the first time in 8 years, Aaron and I now have our bedroom to ourselves.  That's definitely not a good thing.  We would much rather have Noah in there with us, gurgling and snoring away all night (when he finally went to sleep).

The week after he passed away I would go to bed and would start heading over to his corner to suction him and say goodnight, thinking that he was there in bed.  That was my routine every single night, so it was hard to get used to not having to go over to him.  Aaron's job was to carry him to bed, and then I would suction him to make sure his airway was clear so he could settle down to sleep. I seemed to have the knack with suctioning more than Aaron did, and Aaron had the muscle to carry his 45+ kg to bed (as we were too lazy to use the hoist half the time as it took so long to set up). 

Our bedroom is now way too quiet, and I'm finding it hard to sleep because I was so used to waking up during the night to help Noah. Now I still wake up and can't get back to sleep.  I really wish this is how one end of our bedroom still looked, and that I was up half the night with the gurgling, snoring and having to get up to change his position.

For the past 10 years we had kept all of Noah's special things like school reports, doctors reports, X-rays, cards, and old foot splints etc. in plastic containers that were kept in the garage.   Straight after Noah passed away Aaron dragged the two huge, heavy and very ugly containers into our bedroom and said there was no way that they were staying in the garage.  I agreed, but wasn't keen on having two big plastic containers with lime green lids in our room.

We decided to go out and buy a new blanket box to keep all of his things in, and that way it could stay in our room and we could open it up and look at this things anytime. We spent the afternoon going through his things together, and loved looking at all his old school reports, cards and special things.

In the end the box was full and was just perfect for all of his things.  

For Noah's last birthday Pip had given him a beautiful Noah's Ark wooden cut out.  It was perfect for the front of the box, and on top is a number plate with his name on it, which Alison had gotten from New York.  We put some of his special soft toys on top of the box and the boys have kept his other ones.  

We have kept all of his special things on top of his old chest of drawer. 

Our room looks massive now and although we like how it looks, we would much rather have less room and have Noah over in his little corner, gurling and snoring away every night.


  1. Ohh, it looks way different :( It's good you kept all those keepsakes so you can look back at them.

  2. the nights must seem so long when you can't sleep. It looks heaps different - but I love how Noah's stuff has pride of place! Love the cut out Pip got too x

  3. We have Elizabeth's things in a plastic bin too. We have decorations for almost every occasion that she made and I out them out every year. I have all her art work, report cards, cheer leading things and so on in the bin. I am thinking of framing most of her work and hanging in her room and around the house. Her pictures are around the house but would love it if she were here with us to just laugh at Spongebob, smile at all of us and to hear her on the monitor all night long. Now she is watching over us from heaven to make sure we are ok.

  4. That was such a hard transition for us as well. We bought a new piece of furniture to go where Ben's bed was and I still never sit on it - even though it's so lovely. I can't bring myself to because I miss having Ben and his bed and all of his 'stuff' and equipment there instead. I love the idea of having all of his stuff in your room though. I still have some stuff, but not as close by as you...I might have to do some rearranging. :)

  5. So weird to see your room without Noah's bed at the other end.. I love all his precious things on the drawers. looks lovely. xxx

  6. That's a beautiful idea Lisa - The chest looks great and you can pull those special things out of it whenever you need to. I love all of his special keepsakes xoxox

  7. That was such a beautiful idea Lisa, the chest looks lovely - and you can pull those keepsakes out of it whenever you want to. I love all of Noah's special things xoxox

  8. I commend your strength. It is really hard to go on to your next chapter without the person you loved the most. Though, it is good that you kept some of his memories through things he used to love.

    Indeed, the space made your room more organized. It is also a way to let go but never to forget!


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