Sunday, 13 November 2011

The piece of the puzzle that made our school complete

When Punchbowl Primary held their memorial service for Noah, they presented Aaron and I with a beautiful book about Noah which the whole school had helped make.

Each page was so beautiful with a painting done on canvas, which was then stitched onto card.  In front of each page was a page with a verse, poem or quote on it on see through tracing paper, so you could see each page behind it.

The first page was done by his class (3/4W).

"When people talked to Noah he always made them smile" (Prep/1 D)

"We remember Noah looking at colours, resting with his Hawks blanket, being loved by those around him, listening to music, being helped by Di, sleeping in his special chair, being in our buddy class with Miss W" (Prep/1 MC)

"We all miss seeing you in your wheelchair. Have a good time in Heaven with lots of hugs and peace.  Watch out for our Nannas and Grandpas" (Prep/1 S).

"Sleepy, loved music, made us smile, big brown eyes, Harri's noisy big brother, kind although he couldn't talk, we miss him" (1/2 H/V).

"Thank you Noah for being a part of our class in the early part of 2011.  Being amongst us both in the class, and in the playground taught us many things. You made us aware of being tolerant and respectful towards others, as well as making us fully appreciative of what we have.  Noah in our own special way we will remember you, both as a gentle soul and a keen Hawthorn supporter.  Go Hawks!" (4/5 K).

I especially loved what someone had written on the top of this painting 'Noah you were the piece of the puzzle that made our school complete'.

"Noah: nice smile, made us happy, helped us feel grateful, special member of our school, we were lucky to have known him" (2/3 L).

"Happy memories, friendship, gentle, beautiful boy, listening to us, laughing, love" (2/3 O/B).

"Toot toot, chugga chugga, big red car.  Thanks for being our friend Noah" (4/5 C).  This is Kobe's favourite page of course!

"Noah will always be remembered because he taught us to be courageous, strong, inspirational, resilient, and to enjoy life.  Noah was a cheeky ladies man who was loved by us all. His spirit will always remain in our hearts" (5/6 B).

"You were brave and strong, and an inspiration to us all.  You are forever with us" (6 B/E).

We love it so much and were so touched that they would make something so beautiful for us.


  1. I love that book.
    The beautiful drawings..
    The heartfelt thoughts...
    The love and care put into it.
    What a wonderful gift from the school.
    Noah has touched the kid's lives and will continue to do so.
    I know he is having a good time in heaven.
    Love Mum.

  2. What a caring and loving community Punchbowl school is - the book is a beautiful expression of the joy and the happiness Noah brought into their lives - together with the effort and care taken to put the book together - it is a treasure for your family forever. Maxine xxx

  3. So beautiful . . . Made me cry

  4. Childrem are so creative, that book is so special - I love the one with the Kites and Noah in his Hawthorn top :)


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