Saturday, 19 November 2011

Monkeys for our Monkey

During the week Kobe and I ran into on of our favourite nurses from the kids ward at the hospital. She used to live across the road from us when we lived in our old house, and often cared for Noah when he was a patient in hospital.   It was so nice to see her as she was away when Noah passed away and the week of his funeral.   She told me that last weekend she had gone up to Noah's grave with her husband and daughter and had dropped something off for him and us.

Yesterday Kobe and I went up there and it was still sitting safe and sound in a bag on his grave.  Often we go up and someone else has left something for Noah like his little teddies that sit there.

In the bag was a lovely card for us and two beautiful monkeys - a mother and baby.  Attached to them was a lovely note that said she was sorry she wasn't able to say goodbye properly.  She wrote that she saw the monkeys and thought of him and thought the mother monkey could stay at his grave, and the baby monkey could come home to our house as it would represent our family, and that we are all still together, even though we can't be physically.

As I was reading the note I sat crying happy and sad tears at the same time.  Happy that she did something so thoughtful and beautiful for us and Noah, and of course sad because I was just missing him so much.   The mother monkey now sits on top of his grave.

Kobe loved them and was making monkey noises the whole time we were there.

We have brought the baby monkey home, and he now sits on top of Noah's special box with some of his other special toys.

Thank you so much for your beautiful and thoughtful gift Nichola. 


  1. It's awesome how caring that gift was. Noah must be getting quite the collection of toys and gifts with him. xoxo

  2. Noah really was loved by all xxx

  3. I wonder where she found those monkeys!! ;) It is so beautiful to witness your family being touched by people who were and continue to be profoundly affected by Noah. Xx

  4. That's so lovely - and I really love those mushrooms xx


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