Thursday, 24 November 2011

Smiling Boys

I love seeing the boys with smiles on their faces and hearing them squeeling like girls :) Yesterday I was washing 'Nan's van' and it was such a beautiful warm day, so when Kobe came around the corner I gave him a 'little' spray with the hose.

That of course turned into something bigger as each of the boys were called out of the house to come and 'help me do something'. 

Kobe thought he was so good getting Aaron's feet wet!

I love how the simplest things can make the boys smile.


  1. It must be the weather, becuse when I was helping Nicki with her car today, the Watson kids got a good hose down from me.
    It is the simple things that make them so happy.
    Love Mum.

  2. And you let them do it in their school uniforms - I am impressed!!! ;)

  3. what an awesome post. So good to see them all so happy .... really lovely when spontaneous things like that happen.

  4. Oh I love seeing their smiles!!!

  5. I love those kind of are creating memories that will last a lifetime! So great!!! :)

  6. That used to be a Launceston Ward "thing" every time we had an activity, especially at Corra Lynn it would end up with buckets of water being thrown over everyone. The only people who used to miss out getting wet were Sister Spooner and Bishop Chayne Triffitt!!
    It is so much fun though!!! Love the guns - we only had icecream buckets.!!!


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