Monday, 7 November 2011

Labour of Love

Tomorrow Aaron goes back to work after having 5 weeks off. We can't believe that it's been that long since Noah first went into ICU. We had three huge things on in the three weeks after Noah passed away - the funeral, the Run for a Wish run and then Noah's memorial service at school, so Aaron just felt like he needed another week off before he got back in the classroom.

We've been in our 'new' house a year now and we haven't had the chance to do any garden yet, so Aaron said that he felt like getting in and doing some of the garden after being inspired by Noah's beautiful memorial garden at school.  Aaron slaved away all week digging up the awful clay, carting it away with many trips to the tip, marking out the bed with a border, filling it with top soil (with some help from me :) and then we planted it out together. 

While were were out choosing plants we found a beautiful weeping cherry tree which I convinced Aaron would look nice in the middle of our back 'lawn' (or what will be lawn once we get it dug up and resewn).  Just as he thought he was finished, he then had to dig up a big hole for that as well.

On Saturday we went out to visit Mum and Dad as it was 4 weeks since Noah passed away and we thought it would be nice to spend some time with Mum who was with us when he passed. As we were driving out we were talking about the garden and decided to build a rockery around the weeping cherry tree.  We knew the perfect place to get some rocks, and went down to Pop's river and grabbed a few rocks. It was such a beautiful day, and was so nice to sit on the bridge and remember the good old days with Pop down there on his land rover with all the grandkids swimming at the swimming hole (and Nan squeeling as she jumped in the cold water).

The rocks were perfect for it, and I'm sure Pop would be loving it that we nicked some rocks from the river :)
Kobe helped out by watering the rocks, as of course rocks need a good water ;)

It's so nice to finally have some garden in and can't wait to get the rest of it done.  Aaron isn't a gardner at all (but says he is now!) but he did an awesome job, and he said it was easy as he felt like he was doing it for Noah.

Today we went and got a few more plants to put in the rockery.  Alison gave us some cute little mushrooms that we have put around the garden and also some up at Noah's grave. They are extra special as they are made by adults who have disabilities.

It's so nice to have some of the garden done, and I imagined Noah watching what was going on all week, happy that we had the time to do it and happy that we were wanting to do it for him. It really was a labour of love.


  1. Oh, it looks so wonderful! I can't wait to come up and spend some time out there! I bet you'll love spending time out there this summer and feeling close to Noah in his special garden (which is huge!)

  2. Loving it Lisa! such great choices - love weeping cherry trees - that will be lovely as it grows...and I think Kobes on the money - river rock most def need watering!!

  3. Looks very nice so far, well done Aaron!!

  4. I looove it.
    Aaron should be pretty chuffed with what he has done. The yard looks huge.
    You will have a great little helper with Kobe wanting to water the garden for you.
    You will be excited to see it grow over the coming years, and Pop would be very happy that you have something from the river at your home. I can imagine Pop and Noah looking down with a big smile.
    Love Mum.

  5. The garden looks great Lisa!

  6. If you want your Nan to join Noah and your Pop in smiling down, put a sponge cake on for when I come to see the yard! :P Just sayin'!

  7. The mushies look great amongst all of Aaron's hard work. The guys at Life Without Barriers (or as Aaron thought... Life without Batteries) will be very happy that they are in your garden! I love them in my garden too. And just to give the artists a big plug.... They can be purchased at Allen's Garden Centre.

  8. What a beautiful labour of love Aaron. And the mushrooms give it so much character. I can just imagine Noah sidestepping all around the plants.

  9. Looks great! Love the mushrooms


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