Friday, 28 October 2011

Planting Noah's Garden

'Noah's Garden' has always been a spot at the school that had a lot of big leafy bushes in it, and it wasn't very pretty at all. The lovely groundsmen Mr B came to Noah's funeral and was always so lovely to him, so it was so nice to hear that he was keen to get a memorial garden planted for him, before the school's memorial service.  He straight away got stuck into clearing it all away, organising plants and pavers etc and painting the brick wall a lovely blue colour to match other parts of the school.

We got to choose how we wanted it to look and we aren't really gardners, so we just said 'pretty and colourful', so one of the teachers suggested which plants would look nice there.  It was so nice to hear that ABEL landscaping had donated all the pavers, rocks and woodchips for the garden. 

One afternoon after lunch Aaron, Kobe and I headed up to school and the boys got to choose one or two friends each to come and help us plant the garden.  Jay chose his best friend Rani, 

and Harri chose his friends Sarah and Ashton.

Kobe was loving being at school with the boys during school time.

Noah's special yellow 'remembering chair' was custom made and it looks beautiful against the blue wall.  I love that it's a beautiful garden, but also a spot that the kids can use all the time.

I have a feeling that Kobe is going to play with the rocks every time we are up at school now.

It's nice to walk into school and see such a special spot and know it was made especially for Noah.


  1. Lisa, your beautiful, courageous family have touched my heart. Noah was blessed to have such a loving, supportive family who love him so very much.
    Although I didn't know Noah I can see from your photo's how happy he was to be around his family and having other children laughing and playing around him. A treasured precious young boy. Rest in Peace Noah and fly with the Angels Xx

  2. I love Noah's garden, and especially like that it is right where the kids play.
    Love Mum

  3. What a wonderful idea..
    Right next to where the kids play too..
    Jay will love visiting the garden in his High School uniform..
    Harri and Kobe will cherish this place throughout their school days..

  4. What a wonderful remembering place. It looks so beautiful!

  5. It was a beautiful day. Noah would have been proud of you on this 'tough day'. xx


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