Monday, 2 August 2010

Hospital Routines

It usually takes a day or two to settle into a routine when Noah is in hospital, but after a couple of days it starts to just feel like our second home again. The boys don't seem to worry too much about Noah being sick, but care more about whose turn it is to push the buttons on the lift. They always end up in an argument as they try to work out who did it the time before, because as we know, pushing lift buttons is a matter of life or death and results in tears if it's not your turn! ;)

Whoever misses out on pressing the buttons in the lift, get the big privilege of pressing the button to be let into the ward.

Whenever the boys get here they come in to see Noah first and whoever has been with him (Aaron and I are taking turns). It seems like every time they come back there are more and more leads and tubes, hooked up to his body. It actually looks worse than it really is, except for the awful blister on his arm from his first IV.

Kobe is always the most excited to see him and wants to always say hi and see how he is. Yesterday he spotted the stethoscope and knew exactly what to do with it. I'm hoping that one day he will be my rich Dr son who will look after us when we are old! ;)

Since the last time we went to the football and got the boys some hot chocolates to warm up, Harri has wanted to get hot drinks with lids on them. He LOVES that you can make a milo on the ward and have a lid, so without fail the first thing he wants is for us to make him a milo so he can drink it with the lid on. The other day there were no lids and Harri was horrified and decided he didn't really want a milo then (as they of course taste different when you are drinking through a lid! ;).

Last night was my turn to stay at the hospital with Noah and it was so nice as he was wide awake all night and really settled. I jumped into bed with him and we were quite happy for a couple hours having a cuddle while the nurses came in and out giving him his meds, feeds, puffers and nebs. I told our nurse I wouldn't mind her coming home to live with us so she could do that for us every night.

I wouldn't mind staying in Noah's bed all night as it is a lot more comfortable than the little sofa bed that I have to sleep on, but it's a lot better than the recliners we used to have to use.

We have hinted at the nurses that we need a bigger room up the hall, but they keep coming up with excuses like we need to be close to the nurses desk. One of the nurses did suggest that they built a 'new wing' across the road just for Noah which looks pretty flash. I wouldn't mind staying in there.

Each weekday morning Lisa and Eden have been picking up Kobe for a play. He loves it and gets so excited when I ask him if he wants to go with Eden. He then imitates going in their car like he is driving and makes revving sounds. I ask him if that is how Lisa drives and he says yes, and I'm a bit concerned now about letting him go! ;) It's nice to know he's having so much fun. He's probably going to be sad when Noah is out of hospital. This morning they were having a little groove together to the Wiggles before they left.

We are going to be here until the weekend as Noah's potassium levels are now too low from all the ventolin he has been having. This means his heart rate is too low, so he is getting IV potassium to bring the levels up, and is still on 6 litres of humidified oxygen. He is also really puffy all over and has a lot of fluid that he needs to get rid of, so we are settling in for another week of the hospital routines.


  1. I know you're just doing what needs to be done, but what a wonderful job you are doing - it's hard work keeping up with the hospital life and managing it around family stuffs. It's really nice to be able to document it though ...

    Hang in there .... home soon enough :)

  2. Noah is looking so much better..... great to see....oh by the way Kobe ...dont forget to look after your mate Clarkie when you are a rich and famous doctor too.

  3. Oh your boys crack me up. How cute is Kobe with Noah!? I love the pic of you two snuggling! gorgeous!!
    Keep getting better Noah so you can all go home xxxx

  4. we hope kobe comes a rich dr too so he can look after his mother inlaw and wife (me and eden)...
    cya in the morning for our daily pickup :)

  5. SORRY! But at least he is on the mend. I love his fluffy dark hair. So, so cute. :) Climbing into Ben's hospital bed was my favorite place to be when he was sick. Enjoy every snuggle you can get!

  6. He looks a lot better, but he is so puffed up from all the I.V.s.
    A bit like the Michelin Man. lol
    I am so looking foward to seeing him at the weekend!!!!
    Love you lots.
    I am going to the Dr. tomorrow to get some anti-biotics, I am so sick of this sore throat, but I shouldn't complain after all that Noah and all you have had to put up this last few weeks.
    Love Mum.

  7. Oh I am so glad he is improving. What a trooper!
    You're boys are just like mine- racing to push the buttons... love it!


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