Sunday, 22 August 2010

Hawks V Doctors

It's hard sitting in hospital all day when there is so much going on, and so much to do. When we were in hospital a week ago, we had planned on having a garage sale to get rid of lots of 'junk' which would hopefully make us a little bit of extra cash and also mean we wouldn't have as much to move to the new house. When Noah ended up going to hospital for the 17 days, we had to put it off until this week. On Thursday I organised for the ad to go in the paper, and then Thursday night Noah came into hospital. We talked about what we should do, and Mum was coming to stay for the weekend anyway to come to the footy and help look after the boys while we had the garage sale, so Aaron decided to do it anyway. I felt bad that I couldn't be home to help him, but Mum helped out with pricing etc and Aaron said it was quite fun in the end. They tried to sell Kobe off but no one would buy him - even though he was a bargain price!

They packed up at lunch time and then Di came up to sit with Noah in hospital, while we all went to the footy.

We invited Alison to come along with us even though she barracks for the Bombers, but I think we just about converted her over to go for the Hawks - right Alison!!? :)

She hadn't been to a game at Aurora before and hadn't been to an AFL game since 2001 or something, so it was fun to have her with us. It was Kobe's first game at Aurora too and only his second AFL game. We didn't think it would be much fun for Di chasing him around the hospital, and we were hoping he would be good and have fun.

Being election day it was a very busy day with all of us having to vote as well. It was interesting voting in the hospital polling booth, wearing my slipper thongs while being surrounded by people wearing dressing gowns or all gowned up as they had just come from theater.

Kobe surprised us and had a great time eating treats, waving at everyone, pointing to the players and having a great day out.

The game was between Hawthorn and the Dockers and Jay was telling us how for years he thought they were called the 'doctors' and that he thought that the picture of an anchor on their tops was a stethoscope!! Funny boy.

Harri was very serious about watching the whole game very closely, and marked everything in his footy record.

It was great having another paparazzi with me.

At half time Nicki and Alex came over from the posh seats and decided to sit with us. I actually really love our seats as we are the half way mark, under cover and get to sit in the sun (if it is out). It can be hard staring into the sun but I would rather put on some sunnies and a cap and be warm, than freeze the whole game.

Little Lincoln looked so cute all done up in his Hawks gear.

It was a very one sided game with most of Freo's good players out resting, but it was still a lot of fun and good for the Hawks to win by 116 points.

Our 'couple of days' in hospital has turned into 3 already but hopefully it won't be much longer.


  1. Hahaha! Awesome post!

    I went to a game in 2001!! I wouldn't remember a game in 1991, Lisa! I'm far too young! :)

    Thanks for having me, and thanks for the dagwood!

  2. ha ha - whoops! I've fixed it now.

  3. When I first read the title of the post, I was thinking that you were trying to decide whether to stay in hospital with the doctors, or go to the game. I must say I enjoyed the sunshine on your side of the field. Oh and the company wasn't too bad amongst the riff raff!

  4. I would have bought the little fella in the 50 Cent box!

  5. How could NOBODY want sweet Kobe? :) Love that picture in the box. Was the yard sale a success? Oh darling boy Noah...I think he likes all the cute nurses in the hospital. Ben was just like that. He was a big flirt! I'm laughing at Aaron all decked up in his Hawk's gear...he's the biggest super fan I've ever seen!

  6. please please can i buy that gorgeous 50 cent special package....!

  7. please please can i buy that gorgeous 50 cent special package....!

  8. 50cents! With bonus snot! What a bargain!

  9. The 50 cent boy has already gone!!!!!
    Love Mum.


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