Sunday, 15 August 2010

Missing Daddy

It's always a long weekend when Aaron goes on the school footy trip, as I'm on my own with the boys for three days. I'm happy that he gets to go though and it's nice to talk to him on the phone and hear what they are up to. All weekend Kobe has been grabbing the phone and pretending he is talking to him - or at least 'talking' in the way that Kobe does - using lots of signs! Harri asks every hour or so if we can ring him - as you can hear in the video.

We are looking forward to Aaron getting home late tonight and hearing about all of his adventures in Melbourne with 43 grade 9s and 10s! I'm sure it will take him a week to catch up on the sleep that he didn't get.


  1. Marcel Marceau!!.
    Love Mum.

  2. I hope Aaron survived the 43 students!

    How cute is Kobe! He is very definite about what he is saying.

  3. Man I would find that so stressful - looking after 40 something teenagers. That's why Aaron is a good teacher and I would no way even think about it!!

  4. It's like playing charades with a two year old. :) He's adorable and I have to admit that I was quite happy to see Noah in the background as well. That yawn reminded me SO much of Ben. (sigh) Cute boy...

  5. Kobe and Harri miss their daddy already! Those are one of the precious moments brought about by children. :)


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