Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Had the foot out the door

This morning I packed our bags up, emptied the drawers and didn't fill out tomorrow's menu, as I thought we were heading home today....that was until Noah's doctor came in. He said that the gastro team had said that there is nothing they can do endoscopically to help Noah with his reflux, and because we don't know how much Noah is refluxing his doctor decided that we should do some tests to see. The test may or may not show reflux at that particular time, but they are hoping it will give them some answers as to how severe his reflux is, and then they can make some decisions about what to do about it.

So we are still here for another couple of days, until the tests are done. If we went home without getting the tests done as an inpatient it would be a while till we could get the tests done. I told his doctor I'm happy to hang out another couple of days if it means we get everything done and have some answers (hopefully!). They agreed I can go home tomorrow after our first test and then come back in on Friday morning, so we are very grateful for that. They just won't discharge Noah until after his second test.

The doctors are all so happy with how well Noah is, especially after how sick he was.

Kobe had a great day with Eden today. When he's not playing with Eden he is causing havoc on the ward as he escapes out of Noah's room through the doors which hold all the dirty linen.

I'm sure he won't mind another couple of days playing on the ward.


  1. The end is soon.. I can see the light!!!

  2. Nearly there.. Noah is looking great!!! Kobe is so cheeky!

  3. Kobe makes me LAUGH! He's probably the only one that is excited to stay. :) So does Noah have a fundoplication? I don't ever remember hearing you tell me. That really helped Ben with his reflux...but it's not a fun surgery. Crossing my fingers it's all good news!

  4. lets hope that you can stay home the next time you get that foot out the door again.... Noah is looking so good....

  5. so happy to hear that Noah is doing better.
    Have they considered a GJ tube? They can put it in the same hole as his G tube. It has made a world of difference for Junior and once we worked up to the right feeding pump rate for him he now is just on feeds during the night.

  6. Hang in there - the end is in sight! Hopefully things get back to normal soon and you get to go to the gym and be together as a family again.

  7. hoping the results give you some answers and that you can be home together really soon. you do such a great job Lisa.


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