Monday, 9 August 2010

Temple, footy and fish

On Saturday we got up early so we could get to the temple for a morning session. Chrish looked after the boys for us, and decided to take them to play mini golf, which they were so excited about.

It was nice to be back at the temple again as it had been a couple of years.

When we came out of the session the boys were sitting on the front lawn with Chrish.

We then quickly got changed into our footy gear and drove to the city to get to the SCG for the footy - Sydney V Hawks. Chrish decided to take the 'short way' but as we found out, no way in Sydney is short and we ended up in a huge traffic jam which meant we were a bit late for the footy. Aaron was getting very stressed and whenever he would see some Swans supporters in a car next to us, he would wave his scarf out the window yelling 'Go Hawks!!'. We were laughing as it is so different in Sydney to being in Tassie or Melbourne when the footy is on. Down here people will laugh and give it back to you and will banter back and forth, but up there they would just smile and give a little wave.

We only missed a couple of minutes of the first quarter. I had never been to the SCG before and was amazed at the view as we were watching the game.

It was such a beautiful day and we were sitting in the sun, so we got really hot. The boys stripped off right down to just their guernseys.

We had great seats and were surrounded by a sea of red, but right where we were there were a few Hawks supporters that had come up from Melbourne for the game. Aaron got talking to them throughout the game, and they kept watching Kobe the whole time and were laughing at Harri yelling out to the players.

It was Kobe's first footy game, and we weren't sure how he would go, but he did well and enjoyed just looking around the crowd, and playing on the steps.

It was so warm that Kobe started to get sunburnt and we weren't prepared for it, so Jay shared his cap with him.

It was a terrible game with Hawthorn playing very badly. Aaron of course was very disappointed in the whole thing.

We ended up leaving a few minutes early to try to beat the traffic and because Aaron didn't want to hear the Sydney theme song being played! We then headed to Darling Harbour.

We went to the Aquarium with the boys which they loved. Kobe just kept saying 'wow, wow, wow!' the whole time.

Harri started crying at one stage, and I thought it was because he was scared, but he was so excited about what he was seeing and was crying because he wanted me to take a photo of it before it moved. He kept saying 'quick Mum!!!! I want to take this photo to school!!!'.

Because we went at night it wasn't very busy which was nice.

On Sunday morning we got up early to catch the train into the city and then to the airport. Kobe loved going on the train and kept making 'toot toot' noises.

Chrish caught the train into the city with us as he was running in the City2Surf (a 14 km run) with his friends Dave and Ande. They lost their baby boy Riley this year and as a team they raised over $2500 for the 'Bears of Hope' charity which will help over 10 families suffering from the loss of a baby. Chrish was one of over 80,000 runners who were running that day. We really wished we could've stayed longer to have seen him run, but unfortunately Jetstar changed our flights on us, which meant we missed out on spending the day with him.

It was a lovely, busy and fun weekend but I was glad to get back on the plane so we could get home to see Noah. I hadn't worried about him at all as I knew he was being well looked after, but Mum said he didn't have a very happy day on Saturday as he was having trouble with his bowels, so I was keen to get home to see how he was.

Kobe sat with Aaron on the way home, which meant it was much more relaxing for me. So relaxing that I had a little dose before we landed :)

Thanks Chrish for a fun weekend. We hope you catch up on your sleep very soon!


  1. It is a really beautiful city.
    I love the photo of the harbour as you were leaving.
    Love Mum.

  2. I'm so glad you got to go to the temple. How grateful I am when I can go and ours is only two hours away...not a plane ride away. I'll be going more often now that I can. And that aquarium looks AWESOME!

  3. What a beautiful city!! WOW! Looks like a lovely weekend!

  4. Memories... that is what life is made of...these looked all good...what an amazing trip you had and all packed into a couple of will have to do my itinery next trip to Sydney please....
    but i am gobsmacked you couldnt persuade Chrish to put on a Hawks guersey Aaron!!!!!!

  5. Beautiful family photo in front of the Temple sign. Love Kobe's reaction to the Auqarium!

  6. I'm so happy you got to go the temple!

  7. Looks like great fun! :) I love the pictures of you guys at the temple- beautiful! :)

  8. Me in a hawks top.....never!!!! It was a fun time though


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