Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Flooding the Ward

Last night while Aaron and I finally got some quiet time together, a nurse brought Kobe into Noah's room to show us what he had been up to. He was TOTALLY drenched as he had been having quite a bit of fun in the boys bathroom up the hall. He had grabbed heaps of toilet paper, put it in the sink to clog up the drain and then turned the taps on, so that the whole bathroom was flooded out!! So much for assuming that he was in the playroom with the other two boys.

The nurses actually thought it was very funny, and kept saying there is now way you could tell him off, as he was just too cute. They got him a hospital gown to wear, while they dried his clothes in the dryer.

He thought it was quite funny and kept twirling around, modeling it for us. Jalen had the nurses wetting themselves as he said ' I can see tomorrow's newspaper...Launceston General Hospital flooded out, 5 people injured'.

After the first few days of Noah picking up really fast, things have sort of hit a plateau. His potassium levels aren't going up as quickly as the Drs hoped, and he has a lot of fluid retention and is very puffy everywhere. His poor little feet look they are about to burst.

Dr Ben (you would like him Becky - great name, and lovely Dr :) came in and said that we have been in a lot longer than the 3-5 days they predicted in the beginning. I told him we have another week to break the record of 14 days and he said 'I'm betting you will break it'. Although Noah isn't as sick as he was, it's going to be a long trip till they get everything sorted out. I'm counting my blessings though...he is much better than he was, he is quite alert a lot of the day, we have our own room (even though it's tiny) which has a nice view of the courtyard, we are getting meals, Kobe is happy and well looked after (thanks so much Lisa), we have had lots of friends pop in to visit which breaks up the day, and the nurses and Drs have been great, and help to make the day go faster with their good care and sense of humor. Last night we had an awesome male nurse who is always making us laugh.


  1. Dr. Ben...I LOVE it! :) He does look puffy. Poor little Noah. How many liters today?

  2. Kobe is sooo cute...love the gown shots!

  3. praying that Noah will start feeling better.
    Kobe is so funny

  4. You can always count on Kobe to brighten up your day.
    How could you be mad with him?!!! lol
    Poor Noah looks really swollen up, and it has been a long haul through all this.
    I am happy that you have had lots of visitors and that Lisa it taking care of Kobe for you.
    Love Mum.

  5. Lisa, we are thinking of you all every day, this is becoming a marathon of a hospital stay! Kobe is such a crack up!!! Come on Noah, beat the odds and go home soon :)

  6. Oh I love it. Butter wouldn't melt in Kobe's mouth. How could the nurses get angry!! You guys are in our prayers. Hoping Noah is outta there ASAP.

  7. no way! Ohh Kobe! You sneaky funny boy. I bet the nurses loved the distraction from routine!

  8. Kobe you are priceless... you are sure leaving your (water) mark on the LGH kids ward...he he
    Poor Noah... i am sending him Nettie kisses and with my favorite red lipstick too...XXXXXX

  9. Oh Kobe you are SO funny! love the twirls in the gown!!! :)
    Still in my prayers Noah xx


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