Thursday, 19 August 2010

Hanging with the Hawks

Tonight Jay and Harri frantically screamed at me 'quick Mum!!!! come here!!!!'. I had no clue what was going on, but I knew I needed to get there fast. They had jumped on the Hawks website and there was a photo of Jalen right there on the main screen! We were cracking up laughing and couldn't work out what he was doing on there.

When his face was highlighted it came up with the promotion for Fab Friday which is tomorrow at Aurora Stadium, with the photo he had taken with his friend Rani and Campbell Brown at a Super Saturday earlier in the year.

He was so excited to be on there and can't wait to get to school tomorrow to show Rani on the school computers.

Hopefully tomorrow afternoon will be fine weather, so we can go to Fab Friday and hang out with the Hawks some more.


  1. You guys are TOTALLY famous. :) And to think your family picture is on MY fridge. Love it. Love that he's on the website. What a great surprise.

  2. That is so totally awesome Lisa! It really is! What a crack up! Lucky Jay! It's a great photo too!


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