Saturday, 14 August 2010

Gym Birthday

While I was in hospital I was too tired and busy with getting Noah well, to worry about going to the gym but I did miss it - especially when all my gym buddies and favourite trainers were sending me messages on FB telling me about the things that were going on, that I was missing out on.

Today is the 1st birthday of Pycsam so all week they have been having cake, and today there were a big party with lots of new classes to try out, lots of free food, giveaways and the childcare even had a party for the kids.

I went along this morning to my favourite class while Alison looked after the boys for me as they don't have childcare that early (8.30am), and Aaron is in Melbourne with the school footy trip. It was nice to get back there and hang with my gym buddies again and do a bit of exercise. As part of the birthday celebrations they were having an Aerobathon where people could donate money or be sponsored, with the money going towards St Giles and the Heart Foundation. During the class some of the trainers came in dressed up in different costumes which was a great distraction from the pain we were being put through! It was nice to get a hug and a packet of jelly beans from one of the trainers who said 'welcome back' and she thought I could do with them after the last couple of weeks we have had. They were giving out prizes throughout the class and I was also lucky enough to score a voucher at the end of class for $25 to spend at Birchalls!

Lisa and I thought it would be fun (or we are just crazy gym junkies!) to go back and do another class later on and took the kids back so they could join in on the fun in the childcare. Noah was really happy and well today so I took him along too.

The kids had their faces painted...I wasn't surprised to see Harri with Hawks colours on his face.

One of the girls who works in the childcare loves Kobe. She keeps saying she wants to take him home, and I told her she could today since he's turned feral since Noah was in hospital. I'm hoping after being back in routine again for a while he will settle back down, but he's turned into a terrible two in the last two weeks and it's not much fun.

Kobe loved hanging out with Eden while I was in hospital with Noah and still went to the gym most days with her, but it was nice that I could take him again today. Hopefully we can now get back in our routine, and work off a few of those (not so tasty!) hospital meals that just seemed to just keep coming all day long.


  1. look slike fun! hope Kobe isn't finished with his day sleep just yet!

  2. Wow! I was happy to see Noah out and about. That's a great sign. :) I'm glad you have your gym. It sounds like a great group of (supportive) women.

  3. Fun!!!! :)
    Love Kobe cuddling Eden sooo cute!

  4. Looks like a great day. Sorry I couldn't go.

  5. great classes + great food = very sore on monday.. and yet again we go back for more!!!
    Enjoy your 600 vouchers you got!!!

  6. Wouldn't it be more appropriate to have birthday apples over birthday cake? being a gym and all...just a thought haha

  7. Collette - there were apples, oranges etc but there was also LOTS of yummy food - muffins, juice, olives, cheese, pate, crackers, salami,cans of fizz, cake, slices, yoghurts - we just had to go back for the food! The apples and oranges didn't look like they were touched much :)


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