Thursday, 11 February 2010

Just the Two of Us

I'm still waiting for it...something to happen to shatter the peace and quiet at our house right now!! It's like I'm in a dream but am waiting to wake up. Kobe and I are loving having 6 quiet hours during the day when the other three boys are at school. Yesterday was Noah's first day back at Newstead Heights. Kobe is loving being in the morning routine of taking the boys to school. Half the time I have no clue where he is as he has run off up the hall or to another classroom!

I often get a bit stressed about Noah starting back up at school after such a long holiday. I hate it that I can't be with him throughout the day and know how things are with him - his mood, whether he is having lots of seizures, whether he needs suctioning, whether he needs toileting, and whether or not he is sleep or not well. I'm lucky that he has two great teachers at NHS and also great aides in his classroom and I'm sure they will get to know him as the year goes on.

When I picked him up from school yesterday he was really hot (we have been having VERY humid weather the last week or so). Heat for anyone else is uncomfortable, but for a child like Noah it can be very dangerous. On the way to picking up Aaron after school he started having lots of seizures (from the stress of the heat) and then started vomiting. I had to pull over and help him and then all the way back home he was really breathing funny and not looking well at all.

We finally got home and got him cooled off near the air conditioner (which we are so grateful for this summer as it was bought with the money that Kari gave us from the fund in memory of her beautiful son Preston who also had hydranencephaly). We didn't want Noah to suffer through another summer like he did last year.

As soon as he cooled off he was much better and the seizures settled right down. Check out Harri in this photo! He is LOVING school but is SO tired! He gets home from school and grabs his 'blankie' off his bed and just veges out on the couch sucking his thumb!

Today is Noah's first day back at Punchbowl Primary. He is going three days to NHS and two days to Punchbowl. We were so excited to know he is in Miss Wells class who was Jalen's teacher last year.

At the end of last year we were joking with her about how she was going to include Noah and his wheelchair in the choregraphy of her classes dance which they will no doubt do this year. She was saying it will have to be like the show 'Glee' where the kids spin him around and do a few moves! A lot of Noah's old friends from other years are back with him again this year which is really lovely. Erin asked if she could get in the photo with him :)

So for now (I'm waiting for Noah to get sick, but fingers crossed he will have a good year and won't miss much school) it's just this little monkey and I. It's so nice to have one on one time with Kobe for the first time ever and just having some 'me' time :)


  1. I bet you never thought this day would come!! Just some quiet headspace is divine.

  2. Thank goodness it's cooler today. Enjoy your "quiet time" while you can - I hope it lasts!

  3. miss well again.. gotta be happy with that.. i'm sure noah will fit into the end of year dance fine...

  4. Lucky Kobe!!! I bet he will love the one-on-one time with Mom.

  5. poor Harri, I remember that feeling when i was little. - the heat doesn't help.


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