Thursday, 25 February 2010

Book Buddies and Blueberries

I know people are starting to panic, but everything is alright! I know I haven't blogged for five days now but I just seem busier than ever now that the boys are at school. I think it's because I don't want to waste my day sitting at the computer when the boys are at school so I'm not getting anything done that I usually would. Kobe and I are just enjoying the time together :) It also didn't help that our net slowed down for a couple of days and there was no way I was going to attempt to upload pics.

Jay and Harri's classes at school are book buddy classes and yesterday they went on an excursion to a blueberry farm just outside of Lillydale together. They both asked me if I would come along as parent help, so Kobe and I jumped at the chance as it would be often they would be on an excursion together and I'm sure it won't be long till Jalen won't want me anywhere near a school excursion that he is on.

Kobe and I drove out on our own and met them there. He was so excited when he realised we got to hang out with the boys for the day.

The kids were told to stay with their book buddy for the day. Harri's book buddy is Jared and Harri wouldn't let him out of his sight all day! He was so cute holding his hand. If Jared was every a metre or so ahead, Harri would yell out 'wait for me!' and would grab his hand again.

The kids all brought little containers from home and got to pick all the blueberries they wanted to fill up their containers.

Kobe loved picking all the berries and would go around pinching berries out of everyone containers.

The kids got to eat as many as they wanted, so Kobe decided to try one out....he wasn't very impressed!

Harri was very proud of his pickings, but I don't think he even tried one the whole day!

It was a really lovely place to visit and the adults had just as much fun as the kids and got to take lots of blueberries home as well.

On the way back to school they stopped at Hollybank Forest for lunch. I actually haven't been there for about 10 years, but it brought back lots of happy memories as it was actually where Aaron proposed to me! :)

The kids had a lovely time playing in the trees.

Hopefully the boys will have more book buddy class excursions this year, so Kobe and I can tag along before it's not cool to have your Mum there anymore :)


  1. Nice...we went there today and managed to pick 5kgs but there wasnt many left had to reach right into the middle of the bushes...he is actually closing on sunday... but i have a place for next year even cheaper than $5 a kg ...ti will be missionary work as well...will share with you when i see you next

  2. slow internet huh? Been dowloading too many movies!! Im looking forward to some of those blueberries form Mum and Rosie! ANd i know what ya mean about being even more busy with the kids at school!!!! Thanks for putting my Photo site on your blog roll xox

  3. Glad to see a post Lisa, I was starting to get worried!!! lol

  4. Those trees in your last picture are soooo tall! Man, what I'd give to see your country in person!

  5. oh, how I love, love, love my mouth is watering!

  6. Yum!!! Your photos are looking awesome Lisa!

  7. my life is boring when i check your blog and NO updates! haha you have to think of your readers before you go on another dry spell like that one!

  8. ooh yum! I just LOVE that first picture of Kobe, you're photos are getting SO good!!


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