Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Back to School

Both Jalen and Harri are like me with school. I loved it and couldn't wait to get back to school after summer to see my friends. I didn't mind the work either and our boys are the same. They have been looking forward to today so they could get back there again.

Harri has been counting down the days till he 'goes to school everyday!'. He has been so excited as now he is in prep it means he gets to go to school all the time like Jalen. All week he's been saying 'I'm so 'sited' about going to school'. This morning he said 'now I'm in prep I get to go to the big playground for morning tea and lunch AND they have toilets!'. Aaron and I cracked up as it doesn't take much to make Harri happy! He was happy to have his good friend Joe with him again this year.

I can't believe that Jalen is in grade 5!!! Only two years until high school!!! He was devastated last year when he found out his best friend, Brayden wasn't going to be in his class, but is over it now and excited to be in the same class as his other good friend Rani.

Harri went straight to his class on his own and didn't care at all about me even hanging around. His new teacher is Mrs 'Stack' who was also Jay and Noah's teacher for prep, so he is really excited as she was a great teacher for them. She told me that Harri's old Kinder teacher told her he was reading really well already, so she already organised for him to take a home reader book on the first day back!

This is Jalen's classroom!

It is being built with some of the stimulus package money from the government, and won't be finished for another month or two. Jay is very excited as it means they get an awesome new air conditioned class with it's own oven and interactive whiteboards. In the meantime his class is in the school library. They are actually very lucky as it is air conditioned and was so nice to walk into this morning, while all the other classrooms are stuffy and hot. He is very excited about his new teacher Mrs Kenny.

Kobe wasn't worried at all about dropping the boys off this morning, but was just excited to be running around school again! The boys were excited to find out that their classes are 'book buddy' classes which will be nice.

One more sleep and it's Noah's turn to go back.


  1. I hope they have a terrific day! Grade 5 IS scary isn't it?

  2. so nice that they are excited about getting back to school. Hope their first day was great.

  3. I noticed the Hawks school bag there. I bet there was some pretty excited Mums around today!!

  4. Oh lovely days...if they only knew they are the best days of their lives... great they love going ..that is so important...
    Hari looks so grown up... a big school boy now...i love the last pic..saying good bye to Kobe...ute as

  5. Aw you're boys are sooo cute!! It's so nice they love school!
    I noticed the picture of Jalen in the library is called "99", surely you didn't take 99 pictures at their school????

  6. Oh and i especially loved the post before this one =)

  7. it is the 99th photo I have resized in Feb :)

  8. they look so cute and BIG.

    you must nearly be as old as Nan with a child in grade 5 ;)

  9. It is so nice reading everyone's version of sending their kids off to school. It's a pretty intense time for mums. Do you have your new camera yet Lisa? I'm doing a bit of research trying to figure out whether to buy the same again or something different (when I have the $$ that is).

  10. it's 'in transit' Blanche. Hopefully it will come by tomorrow but I'm not holding my breath. I'm excited! I hope it won't take too long till you can get another one.

  11. First days back at school are SOOO exciting!!! The boys look SOOO happy and excited!!!!



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