Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Home Reading

Harri is absolutely LOVING going to school every day (despite being extremely tired). His teacher Mrs 'Stack' has been telling me how he just loves school and is such a great helper, a good listener and a joy to have in class. Half way through last year things really started to 'click' with him at school. All of a sudden he was reading lots of different words and really wanted to keep reading.

On the first day of school this year his teacher told me that he could start taking a home reader book home straight away if he wanted, as his old kinder teacher had told her he was going really well with his reading and writing and she wanted to get him back into it as soon as possible.

I only get to Harri's class twice a week as I have to drop off Noah at another school three mornings a week, but every morning Harri races to his class to change his home reader book on his own. He is so excited every night to read to me and to show me what he can read. Last week Harri came and sat with me to read and Kobe decided he wanted to join him. Hopefully Kobe will love reading just as much as Harri does when he is at school too!


  1. ohhh so cute... I love it when they get into reading. Cant wait for Hattie tomorrow.. we are off to the beach now as a last day before school thing for her! Dont fall asleep on that chair Lis!!!

  2. go Hari...reading is just the best thing ever...you can totally transport yourself to other places and worlds if you want to... but i guess that is the whole idea of it..hugh????... love it that Kobe want to read and be in it too...
    is he lonely without the boys???or do you keep too busy for that Lisa??

  3. Hey Annette - no Kobe isn't missing them at all! We are too busy in the day for him to miss them - we go to the gym every morning and then by the time we do a couple of jobs it's time to go home for a nap and then when he wakes it's usually time to pick the boys up.
    The day goes WAY too fast!

  4. Harri is sooo cute! Don't worry Harri, you will be reading books "just like Jalen" very soon!!!!
    I go away from the internet for 3 days and you have three blogs up!! Love the Hawks game post

  5. haha love that kobe has his little book! good to see!


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