Friday, 12 February 2010

The World's Greatest Shave

Aaron's school has decided to sponsor one of the teachers at school (who has a LOT of hair!) to do the World's Greatest Shave for the Leukaemia Foundation. The students will be trying to raise $1000 for the teacher to shave his hair. Aaron thought he would join the teacher in it, by getting his own sponsors to see if he could match what the other teacher raises.

We hate asking for money, BUT this is for a VERY good cause. If you live in Australia it is tax deductable and will help out so many families. If you could spare even just a couple of dollars. Just click on the picture below to sponsor him online. Even if you don't live in Australia you can still sponsor him online.

Thank you SO much to those who have already sponsored him. He still has a way to go to reach the $1000 target he is hoping for. Just remember EVERY little bit counts. We need to make it worthwhile, especially as he will be losing all that GREY hair for a great cause.

I know a lot of people visit my blog...imagine if everyone who visited just donated $1 or $2 or whatever you could afford. Your little bit would make a big difference to someone in need.


  1. I sponsored Aaron because it's a great cause, and also I figure it's payment for getting to read such a great blog!



  2. THANK YOU Arielle!!!!! That's awesome. We REALLY appreciate it. Glad you like the blog :)

  3. That is such an awesome thing for Aaron to do! It is also awesome that you get to spend 6 hours with the Kobester everyday =) This is makayla, cant be bothered signing in =) xxxx


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