Saturday, 6 February 2010

Disney Dance

Last night we had another dance for our youth from church. This time the theme was Disney which everyone was excited about. We had been hanging out for ages for it, as everyone had great ideas for costumes so we knew it would be lots of fun. Aaron and I decided to go as Sharpay and Ryan from High School Musical :)

The costumes were amazing!! Everyone put so much effort into it and there were lots of youth who came up from Hobart for it.

Aaron had a break from MCing but had lots of fun sitting with DJ Dev helping him out with the music. We had lots of cool disney music as well as other music throughout the night. I don't know why they are calling themselves losers though!! (they were actually singing 'All Star' "with the shape of an 'L' on her forehead').

The Stake YM presidency were looking a little scary last night!

Unlike the Stake YW presidency :) Sacha was Jessie from Toy Story 2 and Toni was Tinkerbell.

We played the Singing Bee game again using Disney songs. This team of girls won knowing all their songs including the words to 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious'!

It was great having the paparazzi there to take pics for us all night :) Thanks Lisa !

Last dance the youth were taught how to do the Hoedown Throwdown. This time we taught them the 'Cha Cha Slide' which is a lot easier.

Aaron and I were cracking ourselves up during the week as we were watching High School Musical with the boys, trying to get ideas for costumes. One day we put our gear on and started mucking around singing one of the songs that Sharpay and Ryan sing. We were in a really silly mood and thought it would be funny to do it at the dance.

We were only supposed to do the first verse, but didn't tell Devin until it was too late and the music kept going. Everyone was yelling at us to keep going so we improvised the rest. Not that the first verse was any good anyway! I was singing at times when I wasn't supposed to and not even singing when I was meant to!

Aaron cracks me up as he was totally into it - especially the 'jazz square' at the end~

We had a game where the girls had to put one of their shoes in the middle of the floor and the YM had to choose a shoe and then go and find their 'Cinderella'. Once they found her they then had to dance with her for the next slow song.

It was so fun hanging out with all the youth again after not being with the girls since camp. I think we have just as much fun as the youth do!

The night ended off with the good old circle where people would go in and do different things. No one is a terribly fantastic dancer, but everyone has fun going in and doing something silly. Aaron did the 'running man'.

Sacha and Louise broke out some breakdancing moves!

Jake did a flip. Check out Leanne's face! It cracks me up as she looks very scared that he is going to get hurt.

and Leia did an awesome 'worm'.

It was an excellent night. Now we have to come up with a theme that is just as fun as Disney for the next dance.


  1. You are a couple of dags!!
    I can guarantee that You and Aaron enjoyed it more than anyone else after watchting you go op-shopping and practicing your 'moves' all week.
    Love Mum.

  2. LOVED the video! Loved the look of the dance! awesome stuff! p.s you could TOTALLY pull of the blonde look! it!

  3. you cant do the blonde!!! Loved the pics and video though, looks like a great night, I had a comment that it was the best dance they had ever been to from someone

  4. great stuff...Disney would turned in his grave seeing all that mottley mob...but then when he got to the video clip i am sure he would have dragged that contract out quick smart...he he
    i am sad i missed the whole gala time ...there is always next time....!!

  5. Ha ha it is scary how good you look as a blonde. Looks like it was an awesome night.

  6. yes you are a good blonde! Your dance was hilarious. Loved Aaron's moved.

  7. That video of you two is one of the funniest things i have ever seen!!!! I was wetting myself watching it, with tears streaming down my face!!!! Wish i saw it!!!!
    You should never EVER go blonde!!!! With the regrowth you reminded me of a guy/girl off the movie "white chicks" !!!!!! =O

  8. That is hilarious and so fun! My husband would NEVER in a million years do something like that with me. What a fun activity!

  9. Hope - my husband is a little bit crazy at times, so he was in his element :)


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