Saturday, 27 February 2010

87 Years

On Wednesday it was Nan's 87th birthday. Kobe and I spent the morning at the blueberry farm with the boys and then raced out to Deloraine to celebrate with Nan with an afternoon tea.

Toni came up with a fantastic idea of getting Nan a really big digital photo frame for her birthday as we have lots of great family photos that would be nice for her to look when we aren't around, so Carli, Toni and I set about collecting photos and money off family members so we could give it to her for her birthday.

I had lots of fun going through all of Nan and Pop's old photos that were on my computer from when I scanned them a while back. I'm so glad now that I had the feeling to go out and get all their photos and talk to Nan about them and scan all of them while Nan could still tell me about them.

I hate having things just not right so ended up I either resizing, cropping or lightning up over 940 photos to put onto the frame. I was so happy that I could get all of their old photos onto it for her as I know how special they are to her.

Because our family is so big we had lots of money to spend on the biggest frame we could find. We ended up getting a 15 inch frame which was really lovely and also had money to send Nan a big bunch of flowers on the morning of her birthday. Nan's passion in life was her garden, so she always loves getting fresh flowers.

When Nan saw the present all wrapped up she was interested in it straight away.

She kept rubbing her hands along it and laughing. I asked her if she wanted to open it and she would just giggle.

I'm loving my new camera as it has a video mode so I got to video Nan opening it.

I think Nan wasn't really sure what it was at first. It is quite large and looks like a small TV, but Mum explained to her what it was before we were able to turn it on for her.

The photos were hard to see as we were outside, but when Nan saw the photos flashing up she started giggling when she realised what they were.

Hopefully it will bring her lots of joy as she can now see her old photos regularly and also photos of her family who can't always be with her. I asked her if she was going to be around for her 88th birthday and even though she can't talk she did indicate 'yes' that she would be. We hope she is.


  1. That was such a nice gift for your Nan. She is so beautiful. xxx

  2. what a fabulosu idea that is ...mmmm i think nan and pop might like that too...have to give me the goss on where you got it...
    she looks wonderful for her age the well earned character creases...they are so special...nice pic

  3. What a lovely idea Lisa, I'm sure she'll gets lots of hours of enjoyment out of all those memories.

  4. What a thoughtful present. I've got a small one, and I love it.


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