Sunday, 7 February 2010

Makayla's 18th (80s) Party

Makayla turned 18 a week a couple of weeks ago, but last night was THE big celebration with an 80s party.

Harri and Jay were excited about it as they don't usually get to come to things with us where they can dance and play games. Last night they were both really wanting to come to the Disney Dance. Harri kept saying 'I can't wait till I'm 14 Mum!'.

We were excited for another chance to dress up. Aaron kept telling me that he thought I looked much better last night and all night he kept laughing at me. I think he looks a lot scarier than I did!

Last night I found out Makayla's Dad is a DJ, and he had all the cool gear and great music playing all night.

Everyone had lots of fun playing games and dancing.

Including some of us oldies who actually grew up in the 80s :) Most of the people there weren't even born in the 80s!

It was great seeing how everyone dressed up. There was a lot of big hair, bangles, lace, makeup and fluro colours.

Harri and Jay absolutely LOVED the smoke and bubble machines and would stand there for ages dancing away in the smoke. Harri was very tired by the end of the night as you can tell in this photo!

We all went outside for a bit of excitement as Myles and Dan did some fire breathing for us.

The boys thought it was fantastic but I'm hoping they don't want to do it when they get older!

Happy birthday (again!) Makayla. We really enjoyed your party and hope the next year is a great one for you.


  1. Thank you guys for coming, and all the photos you took! I was so excited you guys were there!!! =) xx

  2. You and Aaron make quite the pair in 80s gear! Looks like fun! :D

  3. Nah...i think the 80s look is better than the Disney...i vote the 80s...
    you guys looked just great...took me back i can tell you!!!!
    Jay and Harri were having a blast by the looks of it too.

  4. I can't believe I was sick and missed the party of the year!! At least i could live it thru your blog. ;) Def looked much cooler as Sharpay!!

  5. you looked to cool to be from the 80's where's the perm andthe poofy dress lisa? i KNOW you've got it in you haha


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