Saturday, 20 February 2010


I'm not a fan of running on treadmills at all. I can't think of anything more excruciating and boring than running on the treadmill as I watch the minutes tick over, wondering when it's all going to be over.

I have been going to the gym regularly for years now which I absolutely love, but every now and then I feel like a bit of a change. When Lisa P. mentioned on facebook that she was going to start going running I thought it would be fun to do it a couple of mornings before Aaron left for school.

Lisa P, Lisa Wheeler and I went a couple of times together at 6am. We ran (and walked a LOT) from Kings Bridge, into the Gorge, across the suspension bridge and around the pool and back out again. I LOVED it - but it was way too early for me and I was feeling really tired for days after. As I never know how much sleep I'm going to get at night it was hard to plan to go to bed early as Noah would have other plans throughout the night.

When they both said they would be going at 8am on Saturdays I thought that would work well so last night we started bugging a few others from church to come with 'the three Lisa's' for a Saturday morning run. I was shocked this morning when there were 13 of us all ready to go this morning!!

We all run and walk at different paces but it's fun as we are all doing it together. Lisa P, Lisa W and I were suprised at how much further we can run already without having to stop and walk, so at least we know it's doing some good. Hopefully the good weather will stay around a bit longer so we can keep it up regularly.


  1. I totally agree on the treadmill - I call it the "dreadmill". I would have loved to have joined you on Saturday! I miss my running buddies in Canada. We'd regularly have 5-8 of us every Saturday and I just loved it. We even went when it was snowing and really, really cold out. I hope to see some more pics of you all. Keep it up girls!

  2. me - love the treadmill... but love running outside... I just got an iNike for my ipod and it tells you how fast you are running, how far you have been, how far to go.... sooo fun. How cool to have all those girlfriends to go running with. Id LOVE that. Did you take a picture and then leave your camera in the car!!!!!!

  3. Chels - this was taken afterwards. I left my camera in the car and then grabbed it out afterwards :)
    The iNike thing sounds good!


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