Saturday, 20 February 2010

A New Life Together

Last night we spent a lovely night at the Tailrace Park to celebrate Jason and Sarannah recently getting married and Sarannah moving to Tasmania with her two girls. Both Jason and Sarannah have been single parents for a long time, so everyone is very happy for both of them.

It was a beautiful night hanging out with friends, eating food and having fun.

Kobe and Eden see each other a lot at the child care at the gym. It's so cute seeing them together. I'm sure we won't think this is cute though if it's happening in 15 years or so still!

The boys always love going to the Tailrace to play in the maze.

Jack is always such a good sport with the kids and spends lots of time with them. Harri thinks he is great and hangs around him whenever he is around.

Jason and Sarannah have moved to the 'other' ward (they were in our ward but are now in West) so we are very sad to see them go. Our ward presented them with a lovely quilt that lots of members had made a square for and Tania put together.

We are sad they aren't in our ward but hope to get to see them lots anyway. Sarannah and her daughter Georgia joined us for our run at the Gorge this morning. Hopefully it will become a regular thing.


  1. looks like a fun night! I think that missionary served down here b4...can't remember his name (in the soccer pic)...SO happy for Jason! that's awesome! pity about the whole west ward thing tho! ah well...

  2. Where Brother and Sister Sully there?? They are in our old ward in Brisbane, the coolest people! Welcome to Tassie Sarannah!!
    Fiona x

  3. I have amazing grammar!! I did mean 'Were'.... blah!

  4. Hey Fiona - no idea who you are talking about so I'm assuming they weren't there as I knew everyone :) I'm sure they are cool anyway.

  5. Looks cool.. Sam with that watermelon!!!! HAHA!
    Love the sweaty jogging picture hahahahaha =P
    This is makayla btw xxx

  6. It was a good night. Nice to see the families out enjoying what's left of summer. Luv the cake ha ha ha

  7. oy you, what you got going on? You busy or something? Saturday was ages ago! Hope you are all ok.


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