Monday, 8 February 2010

Holidays Are Over...

Tomorrow school goes back for Jalen and Harri and the following day for Noah. This is a good and a bad thing.

It's good because:
  • it means the house will stay clean for at least a few hours during the day
  • I can get back into my normal routines and feel like I have at least a little bit of time to myself throughout the day
  • I will get some respite from Noah's routines for at least 6 hours a day
  • I won't have to listen to boys arguing all day
  • I will get back into my normal routine of going to the gym everyday
  • I get to hang out with Kobe all day
  • the boys love school
  • Harri starts full time school
It's bad because:
  • Harri starts full time school
  • we can't laze around all morning reading in bed, or sitting around in our PJs
  • Aaron will be gone by 7.15 every morning
  • because the mornings will once again be frantic getting up early, making school lunches, making sure everyone is up and dressed, had breakfast, brushed teeth, done hair, packed their bag and got everything they need and we will all try to get out the door by 8.30 with not too much yelling :)
  • I'll have to spend most of the morning getting Noah ready
  • I'll have to load Noah into the van every morning to take the boys to school
  • I should be using the hoist to lift Noah now and can't be bothered so I have to make a choice - spend 15 minutes every morning hoisting, or put up with lifting a ton of bricks (or what feels like it!)
  • I don't know how Noah is during the day and what mood he will come home from school in
  • we can't just hang out together as a family, and jump in the van and go and do something fun anytime we want.
Whenever school finishes for the year it seems like we will be on school holidays forever. Seven weeks seems like such a long time, but these school holidays seem to have been the quickest ones we have ever had.

One day last week Di came for In Home Support. It was around Kobe's sleep time so she said that she was happy for us to put him to bed so we could go out and do something fun with Jalen and Harri. We were hoping to go and play mini golf at Grindelwald but it was the only day all summer that it rained. As we were heading out it started raining so we turned around and tried to think of something else we could do that would be good to do without Noah and Kobe.

On the spur of the moment we decided to take the boys to the circus. They were SO excited!
We had heard from lots of people's blogs that it was great, but weren't really sure what to expect. Jalen could remember going to a circus before, but Harri had never been to one.

It was The Great Moscow Circus. The opening act was very Russian, but we don't think there were actually anyone from Moscow in the circus :) The acts were all named things like 'The Brazil Brothers' or the 'Mongolian Angels'.

The boys both absolutely loved the clowns, who were very funny.

Jalen was just about wetting himself when the clowns were performing.

They had some incredible acts.

I just about wet myself when this guy blindfolded himself and was walking on the outside of this wheel as it was moving around - very high up! It was very scary to watch.

At the end they had FOUR motorbikes going flat out around this globe. It was amazing to watch, knowing they all had to have exact timing or things could go horribly wrong.

At the end all of the performers came out and danced to 'Thriller' which of course the boys LOVED!

We were so glad that we went and know the boys won't forget it in a hurry.


  1. What a great idea that was! Love the pic of Jay laughing big time. Don't hurt your back Lisa. I would lift the clients at work sometimes coz it was quicker and often less stressful for them, but my back has certainly felt the effects of that. You'll definately have to keep up at the gym, pump the weights so Noah feels light :-)

  2. We were Ripped off....they didnt have the clown acts in Hobart like that..there was only one guy who didnt even look like a clown..he did include the audience though...he didnt even have face paint got a bargain..i sure they knew Hari and Jay were coming so they dolled up for them....

  3. Ok so now Hallie REALLY want syou guys to adopt her!! ha ha.


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