Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Active Hawks

Today was another exciting day for the boys (mainly Aaron!) as we got to go and see some of the Hawks players again. They were having a small training session this afternoon which we went to with about 8 other people. It makes us laugh as so many people miss out on the events where it's a great opportunity to meet them and talk to them as they don't really keep up with what is going on with them and only hear about the bigger events.

We definitely not complaining though as it gives us more opportunity to meet them.

Jordan Lewis told Kobe he couldn't get down till he gave him a high five, but I don't think he ended up getting one.

We finally have all the autographs of the bigger name players on the back of Noah's wheelchair again. We used to have them all and then Noah got a new seat on his chair which meant a new back, so we had to start all over again.

Harri asked 'Hodgey' (Luke Hodge) if he could sign his ball and he looked at Harri and then said 'you were in the paper today weren't you buddy?'. We were happily surprised that he remembered Harri from yesterday, and also that he saw it in the paper!

After training the players headed over to Aurora Stadium for the Active Launceston Expo. As they were driving off Hodgey put his head out the window and asked if we were coming over. We or course were :)

There were lots of different activities set up to promote people getting active and having fun while doing it.

The boys had lots of fun trying out different things.

Aaron and I thought we would have a go at the sumo wrestling. Oh boy it was so funny!! The hardest thing was actually getting into the suit!

Aaron showed me no mercy at all and kept making me fall flat on my back. There was no way you could get up until the guys came over to pull you up.

He let me knock him down once, so I decided to body slam him!

They had kids suits as well, so Jalen had a go with his friend Bailey from school.

We ran into some other big Hawks fans. Lauren is so funny and pretends she hates Aaron. She pulled out the newspaper article that we were in today and Aaron kept stirring her saying he could sign it for her if she wanted.
The Hawks players had a shower and then came out to spend some time with everyone. Kobe was SO excited when he spotted Hawka and kept pointing over to him.

I told him to go over and he went straight up to him and put out his hand to him.

He didn't want to leave him, so he just kept staring at him and getting all excited when he would do silly moves or come back up and give him a high five.

Just before we left I went up to Luke Hodge and asked him if he could hold Kobe so I could take a photo. I warned him that he would probably wriggle but he didn't seem to care. The whole time Kobe wouldn't look at me, and couldn't take his eyes off Hawka.

I told Hodgey that Kobe was more interested in Hawka and he laughed as he pointed over there.

He then goes 'come on then!' and ran Kobe over to Hawka and punched him in the back.

Kobe loved mucking around with Hawka again.

Hodgey kept mucking around putting Kobe really close to Hawka and then pulling him away, and Kobe would crack up laughing.

It was so cool watching them together. I commented to Aaron about how good Hodgey was with Kobe and he reminded me that his son is about the same age as him.
Just over a week until we get to see the Hawks again in the NAB cup game. We have some very excited boys in our house!


  1. I love the photo of you getting into the sumo suit - Shayne was very slack not getting photos of that! How good is it for the kids to grow up knowing these players - I love it and Hodgey is such a fantastic guy.

  2. Shayne missed the sumo wrestling :) We got there about 3.45 as the players went to have a shower, so we were the first ones to do the sumo wrestling - thank goodness, as there weren't many people watching.

  3. The sumo fighting was hysterical.
    We should have done a round Lee.
    I wish Hodgey had picked me up and given me a cuddle, and I guarantee I wouldn't have been more interested in Hawka...LOL
    I am that excited about the N.A.B. cup.
    Love Mum

  4. yeah we should've Mum, but I don't think it would've been good for your headache! Those suits were VERY hot!

  5. The Sumo wrestling looks like heaps of fun. Can you hire it out? It looks like you guys had the players all to yourselves. Hodgey seems like an awesome guy. He was probably missing his son and Kobe was his replacement.

  6. Im smiling! What a cool day for you all. I love how hard core Hawks you are!

  7. What happened to Buddy? Has he been knocked off the top by Hodgie? Hodgie is better looking anyway - don't mind if you keep blogigng about him. LOL.

  8. Dear Sister King,

    I am a YW President in Utah. I am interested in asking you a question regarding your calling--would you mind emailing me at

    Hope Taft

  9. looks like they do some interesting stuff at those Hawkes that sumo suit pic of you...

  10. Lol, I find it funny about the hawks comments and then u get called Sis King from someone in Utah wanting advice.

    Looks like great fun, how lucky are you to see the Hawks players and get to chat to them all the time. Aaron would be worse than a little kid in a lolly shop.


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