Sunday, 1 July 2007

Visiting Nan and Pop

After church today we decided to drive out to Deloraine to visit Nan and Pop. I have probably scanned about three quarters of their photos and I wanted to return some of Nan's photo albums to her and also see how Pop was. He hasn't been very well at all and is still in hospital.

When we got there he was asleep and snoring. I hated to wake him! When he woke up it took him a little while to register what was going on and who we were, but he knew who we were and was happy to see us. It was nice to see him, although he looked so tired and sick. He told us that Nan had already been to see him and that there was a big frost outside this morning. He also said that sometimes he thinks it would be better to not be here with the way that he is at the moment and that he hopes the next life will be a good one. I told him it would be great as he would be running around again like the young man that he used to be and he smiled.

We then went to see Nan. We had to ask her about some of the photos that I had scanned and didn't know who the people were in them. The funniest thing was that out of the 700 photos on the laptop Nan quickly points to one photo and goes 'there is the old boyfriend - I wonder why I picked him out so fast!'. It was very funny. Nan starts her radiation treatment on Wednesday.

While we were at Nan's, my cousin Konnie and her kids arrived with Uncle Howard and Auntie Marilyn. It was so great to see her! We saw them last April when we were on the Gold Coast for Noah's trip with Make a Wish so it was a nice surprise to see her and her kids today. They were heading back to Queensland tonight. Her kids have grown up so much! Joshua and Jalen are very alike and would probably be great friends if they still lived here.

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