Sunday, 30 August 2009

Pool Party

Kylie and I were both pregnant at the same time with Jalen and Patrick. We did our prenatal classes together and Jalen and Patrick were born about three weeks apart. A few months later I remember when Kylie told me she was pregnant AGAIN! At the time Jay was still a very unsettled baby (who had reflux till about 6 months old) and there was no way I could imagine having another baby so close together. Kylie was a very busy Mum with two babies in two years when Lauren was born just a couple of weeks after Patrick's 1st birthday.

How cute were Patrick and Jalen at about 7 months old (and I can see a lot of my other boys in Jay!).

On Saturday Patrick and Lauren had a combined 9th and 10th birthday party at the Aquatic Centre. Jay was excited to be invited. The boys used to see each other quite regularly before they started school and then we lost touch for a few years. It has been great to be back in touch with them more again over the past year or so.

The kids had a great time playing lots of games in their own little area for the party.

Harri kept the poor girl busy as he wanted to play basketball a lot.

After a swim the kids then went upstairs for party food...

and of course Kylie slaved over a hot oven all morning to whip up this beautiful caramel mud cake ;)

and to finish off the kids were all given their own little gelato - yum!

Thanks for a great party Patrick and Lauren. We hope Lauren has a great birthday at the end of the week.


  1. Oh that baby photo - how cute were they? It does NOT seem like that long ago! Great photos - we're really glad the boys could come.

    That cake photo looks like someone's turning 19 - that wont be too far off the way time is flying!

    I'll email you the recipe for my special caramel mud cake!

  2. Jay looks SO much like Kobe in that pic!!! I SO have to go to this awesome pool one day - I am really not a swimmer.. in fact I HATE swimming (you get wet!!!) but every time I read your blog about the pool I have the desire to be there!!!!

  3. woohoo!! i was about to ask if your gold membership at the pool had expired!! it's been a while!! haha


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