Saturday, 3 October 2009

The Demons Prevail

Today was the long awaited footy rematch between the guys from church - the Devonport/Deloraine/Burnie guys V the Launceston guys. Last year Aaron umpired for half the game, and decided he wanted to again. This year he was very serious though and got all the gear from school including an umpire outfit from one of his students. Jalen decided he wanted to be the goal umpire and was practising his hand moves all night. I was NOT impressed with the state of the flags and couldn't help it, but had to wash them last night after this photo was taken! Aaron was stressing they would fall apart, but they held up well.

Supposedly the DDBs are named the Saints (or according to Ty and Cade they have also been called the 'Rabbitohs', 'Stingrays' and I believe they are now the 'Donkeys'!).

The Launnie boys are the Demons.

It's actually not an official church activity as it can't be because of insurance or something, but even though it's only in it's second offical year the 'Stake of Origin' footy match has a HUGE turnout!

Last year the Demons won and this year everyone was very excited to see what the outcome would be this time. The guys have had a few training runs before the game. Cade was unfortunately not able to play this year as he just had a knee reconstruction, but was a very serious coach!

Some other players weren't quite as serious as others! :)

The boys were excited for a big day at the footy. I don't think I saw Harri half the time as he was off playing with his mates.

Kobe just wandered around all day going over to everyone and anyone and helping himself to their food. You would think we didn't feed him or something!

The biggest shock of all was that after the wettest winter we have had in decades, the sun actually shone all day long! Kobe's face sure got the brunt of it today and has very rosy cheeks - sorry Kobe! Luckily for Noah we thought about taking the sun tent for him - more to shelter him from the wind than the sun. He enjoying having a big sleep and then woke up towards the end of the game.

Aaron gave them all a big talk at the beginning of the game. He was soooo serious that it cracked Toni and I up as he had his teacher voice on. He gave them the big talk about how it was the DDBs V Launceston but they are all 'brothers' and hopes they play fair and it doesn't matter who wins. He wasn't impressed with me as I then yelled out 'as long as it's Launceston!'. I got the dagger for that one!

There were even a couple of imports from the mainland just for the day. Chrish planned his holiday to come down for it, and Jim even flew down from Melbourne for the weekend to play. I was too pre-occupied at the time and missed a photo of Chrish getting the first goal!

Jay did a great job as goal umpire. He took it soooo seriously and didn't move the entire time.

After each quarter he would get together with Aaron to make sure they had the same score.

I think Aaron did a pretty good job umpiring the whole game by himself. I only heard of one person complaining about him which is disappointing as it's not a job a lot of others would want to take on I'm sure. I think he will be sore from doing all that running tomorrow.

This year the Devonport girls even did a couple of cheers!

While I don't think I actually watched even half the game it was great to spend some time in the sun, catching up with family and friends while watching a little bit of footy.

The papparrazi was out in full force today - including Fiona! Seems like everyone has digital SLRs now! I'm sure everyone got some great action shots.

In the end the Launnie boys won with 77 points to 64. I heard the DDBs are back in training starting on Tuesday for next years game! ;)


  1. Looks like a great day again. Glad the flags held up - they sure looked "white and bright" - you could do a washing powder ad! Did Jalen bust out any silly umpire moves?

  2. oh yeah - Jay had the moves down pat! you should've seen him!

  3. It sure was a great day. The sun shining, great company, great footy (although like you I don't think I saw much of it!) And the best part was that the Launceston boys kept their title can they make it three in a row next year? I think so!

  4. I was looking forward to this post. What a great day. Next yr will be a ripper as we try to break that winning streak.

    No complaints from me maggot - great job!!!

  5. Think there will be quite a few red faces at church tomorrow. Was a great day!

  6. That is such a funny photo of me! I'm all "huh!?"

    Thanks, for that. Seriously. :P

  7. Sounds like a great day Lisa!! Aaron must be stuffed after umpiring the whole game alone - well done!! It's so nice that you had good weather too!

  8. It was a fantastic day!! look forward to next year where no doubt Launnie will come through again ;)

  9. It sounds like it was such a great day, I wish I could've been there. I'm glad Aaron did the 'talk' it obviously worked as no-one got hurt this year :)


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