Saturday, 12 January 2008

Our new nephew

Today we drove up to Burnie to meet little Alexander. He is so cute and tiny. You forget how tiny they are when they are newborn.

Nicki looked great and was actually going to be going home with him just after we left! She is sharing a 4 bed ward, so as you can imagine it is very noisy with 4 newborn babies in there, plus their Mum's and all the visitors.

The view out of their window was so nice. Its just a pity they were in a room with three other people.

I'm sure Nicki and Alex will be great parents to little Alexander. I remember how much easier it is the second (and third and fourth!) time round as you aren't as worried about everything, and can relax and enjoy it a lot more. Maddi will be so excited to have everyone at home.

The boys were really excited to see Alexander - especially Jalen. He is at a really nice age now where I can see he will be a great big brother, when our new baby comes along. Jay kept peering over at him and touching his hands and head.

Harri had a quick 30 second hold, and that was enough for him!

I think Noah and Alexander are both wondering why they are so lucky to have such a great family :)

Aaron and I had a practice of what it is like having a tiny baby again. I'm actually dreading all that hard work again! I am loving the age Harri is at, at the moment. If only they arrived at that stage (but maybe not that big!).


  1. I've been waiting days for these pics.

    The boys look cute with him, Harri looks a lil worried


  2. yay, congrats to Nicki and Alex...

    Im dreading it too!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ooohhh...i feel such a relief for nicki to have that tummy gone!

  4. what a little doll. Love the pics of the boys holding the new baby.


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