Friday, 25 January 2008

Last day of 'work'

Today I did my last shift at work until the Easter holidays. This morning it was ten pin bowling again. When I was leaving for work Harri wasn't happy as he knew we were going swimming today as one of our activities, and he couldn't wait for us to go.

This afternoon I didn't have to work, so it was nice as we got to enjoy a swim and had help with Noah in the pool too. Noah didn't last long as it wasn't really warm enough for him.

Harri has become a real dare devil since having swimming lessons and will just jump in - even if you aren't ready to catch him!

Next week it is the Family Based Care Summer Camp which is at Camp Clayton, near Ulverstone. They usually take 5-6 families each camp and this time we were asked if we wanted to go along. Each family gets a two bedroom unit with an ensuite. They have a couple of planned activities per day (flying fox, high ropes course, beach volleyball, BMX bike track, archery, giant swing etc) and the rest of the time is free time for you to relax and have a holiday. They have support workers to help with the kids, so hopefully the parents can have a good rest too :) The boys are very excited. I'm just looking forward to 4 days of not having to cook anything and having all our meals provided. Sounds like a real holiday to me!

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  1. That pool looks like great fun, though it is so cold here it is weird to see you guys swimming.
    How exciting to get to go to the camp, hope you have a wonderful time.


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