Thursday, 24 January 2008

Fat Guts

Jay told me the name of this blog post should be 'fat guts!'. I had goofy faces on all the photos that was taken, so I am only posting one where I'm not looking!

The other night I noticed Aaron was really watching me I was walking across the room. I asked him what was wrong and he said that he had just noticed that my tummy had really popped out. Just in the last couple of weeks my tummy has grown a LOT! There is no more guessing for everyone at the gym when the trainer says in class 'if you are pregnant, then make sure you ......'. I know everyone was looking around the room trying to work out who the pregnant one was! Now it is VERY obvious!

Most of the time I don't even feel pregnant, and then I will catch my reflection in the mirror or a window and will be surprised at how huge I am getting already! I will be 23 weeks on Saturday, so I still have ages to go. My tummy will be massive by then!


  1. Hi Lisa
    You look really great for 23 weeks..I think Sherri is about the same as you..she is due early May..and she looks as big as you..
    As long as you stay nice and healthy..
    Take care

  2. I really like that photo and your butt still looks small. Seriously it does!

  3. Oh Simone! You crack me up! My butt NEVER looks small! I think just compared to my big tummy now it looks small in that photo!! I need to get to the gym and start working out again. Will see you there Sat.

  4. Are you sure there are not two in there :) Just joking, you look great, just a cute little belly. I think pregnant bellies are prefect no matter what their size. With Chloe I had the biggest belly for someone who only stands five one...the parents at school thought it was hilarious and said that you could always tell when I was coming around a corner because the belly came well before me. They even videoed me showing the kids how to do hurdels at around 33 wks...definatly funnist home videos material. You look great and the best part about finally 'looking pregnant' is that people stop thinking that maybe you have just let yourself go:)

  5. Steph - seeing you with a big tummy would be strange! I am definitely glad that at least I am looking pregnant now. A few weeks ago it just looked like I had put on a heap of weight. Now strangers are asking me when I am due like it is soon! I don't know what is best!

  6. wow! you really have popped out! i looks lovely always looks lovely on someone else!

  7. Are you PREGNANT Lisa!!??
    I thought you had just let yourself go!!!!

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